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False imprisonment in California is typically categorized as a misdemeanor offense. Those defendants adjusted guilty of false imprisonment face up to a year in county jail and fines of $1,000. However, the charge can be enhanced to a felony if certain conditions exist. A felony conviction of false imprisonment comes with up to three years […]

A car with no license plates stopped at a gas station for more than 30 minutes A passed out driver with one foot on the brake while the car was running and in gear Drug paraphernalia visible on the console Stolen goods inside of the car A computer with evidence of identity theft It did […]

If you are a regular user of such social media platforms as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you have most likely had first-hand experience with Internet trolls. Or, if you are reading this on the blog of our Los Angeles computer crimes defense attorney at Okabe &Haushalter, you may have even been branded a “troll” […]

With nearly 77 percent of Americans having a social media account – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or elsewhere – the question “Can I impersonate someone on the Internet and get away with it?” does not seem all that weird for the modern world. And if you have ever chatted with someone famous (a politician, your […]

Did you know that deleting certain files from your computer could land you in prison? Yep, you have read that right. Numerous cases focusing on computer crimes in California have shown that people can face criminal charges for deleting files, even those that contain personal information, from their work computer. Our Los Angeles computer crimes […]

11 Oct, 2018
Okabe & Haushalter

When Bay Area police began investigating Joel Ortiz, a 20-year-old college student from Boston, they did not know much about cryptocurrency. The lead detective on the case, Samy Tarazi, is part of the Santa Clara County-based Regional Enforcement Allied Computer Team. This team is focused solely on solving computer crimes and is one of the […]

Computer crimes are some of the most enticing to commit because you don’t have to show your face to potential witnesses to commit these crimes. Almost every single type of computer crime occurs behind the scenes with the use of a computer or other electronic device. For those who have been caught or accused of […]

12 Jul, 2018
Okabe & Haushalter

Ever since technology evolved to where computers were invented there have been computer crimes. As the internet exploded, more and more crimes involving computers became prevalent. Computer crimes can be committed by anyone who has access to the device and an internet connection. Our Los Angeles computer crimes attorney would like to discuss the different […]

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not necessarily have to work for a foreign state’s cyber intelligence or be a “hacker” to be charged with a computer crime in California. In reality, any form of accessing a computer, computer data, network or system without permission is qualified as a “computer crime” under California law. […]

In the year 2018, computer crime is no longer something only top-secret foreign government agents can be accused of. In the world when pretty much every American is using the Internet and has a social media account, cybercrime, aka e-crime, affects millions of people every year. And you can not only be targeted by hackers […]

Roman Seleznev was recently sentenced to 27 years in prison for hacking into both small businesses and large financial institutions. He had a surprising amount of 2.9 million credit card numbers on his laptop. The trial has gained international attention as the 32-year-old hacker is the son of a member of the Russian Parliament. Valery […]

According to a recent press release posted to Market Watch, a division of The Wall Street Journal, California law enforcement officials will soon be attending an identity theft training. This news indicates that law enforcement is cracking down on this form of crime and expanding its tactics to do so. Research suggests that credit card […]