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Generally, schools and the teachers and staff who work in them, are to be praised. Through their hard work and dedication, each generation of South Bay young people learns to flourish, discover where their talents lie, and are encouraged to seek a career that they love. A good education is a privilege, but staying safe and being treated fairly in school is a right. Although the majority of teachers and other educators in the South Bay area are heroes, sometimes school life is not quite what it should be. If your child is having an academic issue, being victimized by bullying, or has sustained a serious injury such as a concussion while at school, you need expert legal representation from a South Bay education lawyer.

All schools have a duty to offer a high standard of care and education to every student. Management, teachers, and principals are legally responsible for ensuring every student is safe while on school premises. Under this duty, superiors are also required to take reasonable steps to reduce the risks of potential harm. This is where the South Bay school negligence attorneys of Okabe & Haushalter can step in if the above standards are not adequately upheld.

Should schools and their employees act negligently in protecting a child from harm, you are rightfully entitled to pursue compensation. Our South Bay school negligence attorneys, most of whom are parents themselves, fully understand how physically and emotionally draining it can be for everyone involved if a child is injured at school.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we are dedicated to providing outstanding legal guidance and support to students and their families, who have suffered when schools fail to follow standard procedure. However you and your child have been failed by their school, our South Bay attorneys can win a successful verdict on your behalf.

What Are School Negligence Cases?

In opposition to commonly viewed, schools are not immune to negligent claims. Schools can be sued for a variety of reasons that include:

  • Not taking measures to prevent bullying or sexual harassment at school
  • Discrimination
  • Failing to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • Severe punishment
  • Injury or death due to an accident at school or related activities
  • Improper supervision during recess, lunch, or gym class
  • Failure to adequately supervise children resulting in harm or injury

All of the above mentioned can be grounds for a school negligent lawsuit. Parents can contact Okabe & Haushalter South Bay school negligence attorneys to take proper legal action against the school and staff.

You need not forget that there is a statute of limitations when it comes to school negligence claims. You can file a lawsuit within two years after the injury or harm to the student. By waiting too long, you lose the right to recovery.

When South Bay Schools Fail To Follow Procedure

Sadly, there are numerous ways in which South Bay schools regularly fail to follow standard procedures and, therefore, numerous ways in which your child’s education and future could be adversely affected. Some of the cases we have successfully handled have arisen from:

  • School academic issues
  • School misconduct
  • School bullying
  • School sports injury
  • A concussion was sustained while at school
  • Head trauma sustained while at school
  • Other head injuries inflicted at school

Our South Bay education attorneys can litigate on your behalf for an issue arising at any type of school in the area – including grade schools, private high schools, Catholic schools, and public schools.

Through harnessing the full extent of our legal expertise and experience, Okabe & Haushalter attorneys could successfully overturn incorrect or unfair academic decisions, defeat allegations of cheating on exams, or litigate due to negligence on the part of the school, or a member of their staff, resulting in a top high school athlete sustaining an injury which may limit their future career.

Whatever the reason behind your school issue, where a school has not followed appropriate procedure, a South Bay education attorney will fight tirelessly to protect your rights.

Who is Liable in a School Negligence Claim?

One of the essential questions rendered under a school negligence case is who takes the blame in the event of an injury or other form of harm to the student? When a child is hurt because of the negligence of a staff member, it is the school or school district’s who are then at fault. This means that you can sue the school for a legal remedy.

In most eligible claims, schools are liable for injuries that occur as a result of the action or inaction of the employee.

Our team of lawyers upholds four key elements of school negligence. These elements are a crucial part of a legal claim. Establishing the components of negligence is necessary to obtain compensation for harm to a student. They are:

  • A duty to care- it is critical for all schools to have a legal duty of care for students.
  • Breach of the Duty to Care- this happens when the school or responsible party failed to provide reasonable care that resulted in harm to the child.
  • Direct causation- when the breach of duty to care is directly responsible for harm to the child.
  • Damages- if the negligence resulted in physical, emotional, or psychological harm to the student.

All of the above elements must be present to prove school negligence to obtain compensation. It is difficult to prove these components in court, so an experienced attorney becomes indispensable.

Why You Need a South Bay Attorney When Your School Fails to Follow Procedure

Without a legal education, most parents and students in the South Bay area are unable to competently oppose a school, or the local education board, when a serious issue arises. You may be confident, intelligent, and articulate, but you need specialist knowledge to form a rock-solid legal case. School legislation can be very different from everyday law, with a tendency to operate on hearsay, rather than completely following due diligence.

When your child has been victimized at school – for any reason – our South Bay attorneys will do their utmost to prove that your school did not follow standard procedure. Whether your child has been injured, unfairly accused of cheating or plagiarism, or has been a victim of violence, our lawyers can ensure you win.

For your free initial consultation with an expert South Bay or El Segundo education attorney, call us today at 310-430-7799.