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International Criminal Defense Attorney

International Criminal Defense Lawyer

Okabe & Haushalter is one of the nation’s largest criminal defense law firms focusing on national as well as international high-profile criminal offense cases. For over forty years, we have successfully defended the wealthiest individuals and corporations wrongly accused and charged with the state, federal, and international crimes. Our years of experience have helped us understand high-profile individuals who have been taken advantage of due to their wealth and social standing. We offer advocacy focusing on the international laws that may apply to their specific case. In order to get the best possible results, a lot of time and preparation is poured on each case.

Investigations, trials, and appeals

  • International criminal charges: International criminal defense attorneys generally travel to foreign countries linked to the crime, where they work together with foreign and local counsel to protect the U.S. citizen and foreign national being charged with a crime. Although U.S. attorneys can’t practice abroad, they have many resources to deal with international arrests. These attorneys can work on all aspects of the arrest in conjunction with foreign counsel. They make sure all the specifics of your case are handled and explained properly to international authorities.
  • International extradition: Okabe & Haushalter has represented individuals in high profile extradition cases throughout the world. A typical scenario is a government seeking to deport a celebrity or an important figure to and from the United States.
  • Post-conviction: The International criminal defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter can handle all aspects of international post-conviction issues, including prisoner transfer treaties, prison transfers, and appeal of Habeas Corpus petitions.

Cases we handle

Perhaps you are looking for an entertainment lawyer to handle your international high-profile case but not sure where to turn. Whatever your situation is, we are here for you. Some of the cases we have successfully handled include:

If you are a foreign national charged with a crime in the United States or a US citizen accused of criminal activity overseas, you can seek trusted legal representation with one of our international criminal defense attorneys. Federal and international laws can be very complex requiring the legal representation of someone familiar with international criminal law. These laws regulate how your financial interests operate in an international context. If a conviction is reached, you will face serious penalties. It doesn’t matter how severe the charges against you are, we will ensure that your voice is heard and the best possible outcome is reached.

Contact a high profile attorney

Celebrities and important people facing the threat of investigation or dealing with criminal charges are encouraged to contact a celebrity attorney from our firm. Ask for an initial consultation with one of our high-profile attorneys to discuss all aspects of your case. Our team of notable international criminal defense attorneys has been often featured as Southern California Rising Stars by Super Lawyers.