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International Environmental Criminal Defense Attorney

Environmental Criminal Defense Lawyer

Environmental laws can be very complex. Well, known companies, as well as high-profile individuals, are often charged with crimes related to how they handle hazardous substances. These cases are generally based on allegations about the accused’s improper maintenance of records. If you are rich and famous, and you feel you will be charged with an environmental crime or perhaps a corporation or individual has already taken legal action against you, it’s time you seek aggressive legal representation from an environmental crime defense attorney.

At Okabe & Haushalter, our attorneys can thoroughly investigate and document your case and provide aggressive representation that won’t interfere with your business or personal affairs. Our firm has represented high-profile clients nationwide and internationally with their environmental crime cases. When going against the government in these complex situations you need someone qualified to protect your interests.

Defense against environmental crimes

Environmental crimes are illegal as they can harm the environment and cause serious injuries to individuals exposed to these hazardous substances. These types of crimes can be punished severely with prison sentences and large fines. Companies or individuals who perform acts such as disposal of hazardous waste, illegally dumping, and transporting dangerous chemicals, can face serious criminal charges without a qualified environmental lawyer on their side.

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In order to get convicted, the criminal prosecution has to first prove you are negligent of willfully violating environmental laws. If you made a mistake or it was simply an accident you are not a criminal and should not be convicted as such. Sometimes environmental charges are linked to other criminal charges such as money laundering, fallacious statements, and mail or wire fraud.

Our firm can cover issues related to your state and federal criminal charges:

  • Misusing pesticides
  • Disposal of toxic waste
  • Illegal refuse deposit or discharge
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos and other toxic materials
  • Hazardous materials spills
  • Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act violations
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act violations
  • Improper storage and transportation of hazardous waste without legal permission

International environmental law

Environmental law enforcement agencies deal with international cases related to the environment. These laws are there to make sure that foreign governments, as well as global industries, comply with responsibilities stated in foreign treaties. Environmental issues can be linked to violations of international environmental laws. The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), also known as ICPO, investigates and prosecutes these types of crimes. There are also other organizations such as the UN Interregional Crimes and Justice Research Institute, the UN Environmental Programme, EU, and G8 which also work on the investigation of crimes including smuggling of ozone depleting substances, illegal fishing, illegal wildlife trade, and illegal dumping of hazardous waste. A well-versed attorney from a criminal defense law firm understands international laws and can negotiate on your behalf.

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Remember an environmental criminal conviction can have negative consequences including facing severe penalties for violating environmental laws. Today is the day to contact an experienced environmental defense lawyer who understands your case and can explain to you what your options are.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we have handled many complex cases involving celebrities and large corporations. We can certainly handle yours!