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Los Angeles Felony Charges Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Felony Charges Defense Lawyer

Charged With A Felony Offense?

Facing criminal charges, even with the support of friends and family can be a horribly upsetting, lonely process. When faced with the penalties for a felony offense in our state, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and that nothing can be done. The situation is not hopeless. When it comes to facing felony charges, hiring a seasoned Los Angeles criminal defense attorney should be your number one priority. With the right defense attorney on your side, the potential for a dismissed charge, an acquittal, or a reduced charge is greatly increased.

With sentences as severe as life in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, it is absolutely important to have someone with the right knowledge and experience on your side to protect your rights and your future. Felonies are serious crimes; it is absolutely vital to retain an experienced defense attorney. Whether you are charged with a sex crime, drug crime, weapons charge, white collar crime or even murder or manslaughter or any other serious felony, you deserve an attorney that knows how to defend you in court.

Mistakes to Avoid Making After Being Charged With a Felony Offense in Los Angeles

Being charged with a felony can be an overwhelming experience. However, it’s important right now to behave wisely and avoid making errors that could result in further complications. Mistakes to avoid making in these circumstances include the following:

  • Talking to law enforcement without an attorney present.
  • Posting about the case on social media.
  • Failing to hire a qualified attorney.
  • Ignoring court appearances or deadlines.
  • Discussing the case with others not involved in the case.
  • Tampering with evidence or witnesses.
  • Committing further crimes while on bail or awaiting trial.
  • Violating bail or probation conditions.
  • Refusing a plea deal without consulting an attorney.
  • Failing to gather and present exculpatory evidence.

What Does an Initial Consultation With a Los Angeles Felony Charges Defense Attorney Involve?

Before hiring a lawyer, you may first consult with one. This gives you an opportunity to explain the nature of your case and determine if a particular Los Angeles felony charges defense firm is right for your needs.

Every case is unique. Thus, the specifics of the consultation process may vary somewhat on a case-by-case basis. In general, though, a consultation involves:

  • Reviewing the charges and evidence
  • Discussing your version of events.
  • Reviewing the potential consequences and defense strategies
  • Reviewing the client’s prior criminal record
  • Discussing the essentials legal process and court procedures
  • Reviewing the attorney’s experience and qualifications
  • Discussing the attorney’s fees and payment options
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the case
  • Setting expectations for the process

The Importance of Being Honest With Your Los Angeles Felony Charges Defense Lawyer

Being honest whenever discussing your case with your lawyer is critical. Reasons why include the following:

  • Building a strong defense: An attorney can only effectively defend a client if they have a complete and accurate understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.
  • Maintaining attorney-client privilege: Honesty is crucial to preserving the confidentiality of communications between a client and their attorney, which is protected by attorney-client privilege.
  • Trust and credibility: An attorney’s ability to effectively represent a client depends on trust and credibility, which can only be established if the client is honest about the facts of the case.
  • Avoiding surprises: If a client is not honest with their attorney, it can lead to unexpected issues or complications during the legal process.
  • Making informed decisions: Honesty is essential for the attorney to provide the client with accurate advice and guidance, and to make informed decisions about the case.
  • Protecting rights: An attorney’s ability to protect a client’s rights may be hindered if the client is not honest, as it can compromise the attorney’s ability to make informed decisions.

It’s best to coordinate with a skilled and experienced Los Angeles felony charges defense attorney now. Along with providing you with the defense you deserve, a lawyer can inform you of how you should proceed in your day-to-day life to guard against harming your case or incriminating yourself.

Choose The Experience Of Okabe & Haushalter

Our attorneys have represented clients throughout the Los Angeles and South Bay Area. They know how the prosecution puts together a case and how the prosecution presents that case in court. This knowledge gives you the upper hand, as our attorneys know exactly where to find and expose weak points in the prosecution’s case. We also have the combined knowledge from our experienced team to ensure your case is handled exactly as it should be. That is why so many clients feel secure placing their cases in our hands.

We will never back down when confronted with even the most aggressive prosecution. Our attorneys know exactly how to handle serious felony charges. We’ve helped countless clients get their charges dismissed or reduced greatly. It is important to talk to an attorney immediately because early intervention by an attorney may result in dismissal of the charges altogether. Our legal team has been named “Super Lawyers” by Los Angeles Magazine for the past 6 years, based on our outstanding record in defending serious criminal cases.

Contact a Los Angeles Felony Defense Lawyer immediately if you have been charged with a felony.