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Multinational Investigations Attorney

Multinational Investigations

High-profile criminal defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter represent high-end cases in a wide range of international criminal investigations. Our firm has helped many important people and large corporations involved in criminal investigations overseas. Some criminal charges may include more than one country requiring international law enforcement to provide their resources in order to investigate the crime properly.

Crime investigation

In some cases, the United States investigates the crime in a specific country by sending its own law enforcement agents. Other nations have cooperated by carrying out some actions related to the proceeds used in criminal activity including tracing as well as seizing and freezing bank accounts. Oftentimes, law enforcement officers from other nations are subject to the laws in their specific country. United states enforcement officers, on the other hand, must adhere to US laws as well as the laws of the country where they reside.

Collecting evidence

All evidence collected by the police overseas is valid in United States courts even when the manner in which the evidence was collected is considered illegal in the USA. However, this evidence may not be valid when United States agents were very involved in collecting these evidentiary data. The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) is often used in these types of cases. This organization has about 187 member nations who collaborate with the police overseas. INTERPOL, also known as ICPO works on investigating crimes that may include several countries. Some of these criminal offenses include:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Child Pornography
  • Terrorism
  • Intellectual property offenses
  • Corruption
  • Money laundering

Without and experienced international criminal investigations attorney you are unprotected from all the evidence collected by both national and international law enforcement. International criminal defense is very complex often requiring a depth of knowledge about how these laws operate in various jurisdictions and nations.


When a defendant is being investigated overseas, jurisdiction may also come into the picture. In other words, under the jurisdiction, the court is authorized to penalize the accused. Issues related to jurisdiction can be very complex as international crimes often involve several countries. Jurisdiction generally applies to the national or international courts where crimes were committed. Nevertheless, the United States can assert jurisdiction over an individual who committed a crime overseas as long as it corresponds with international law.

International laws are quite abstract. There are various ways a specific nation can assert jurisdiction over someone committing a crime overseas including:

  • When the crime either occurred within the nation asserting jurisdiction or when the crime affected this nation
  • When the accused is a national
  • When protecting the national interests, safety, and interests of the country

Contact a high-profile criminal defense attorney

If you have been involved in a multinational criminal investigation, you need an international criminal attorney to handle the complexities of international laws involved in your case. Our attorneys are top-rated throughout the world for their work in international criminal law. They are very experienced in complicated international criminal investigations and have an impressive list of high-profile criminal defense successes.

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