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International Criminal Defense Attorney

International Criminal Defense Lawyer

Okabe & Haushalter Can Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

Are you a foreign national who has been accused of a criminal act here in the US? Or a US citizen that has been charged with criminal activity that reaches beyond our nation’s borders? If so, it is imperative that you seek trusted, experienced counsel to protect your rights. These criminal allegations often involve complex federal and international laws that not every criminal defense lawyer is familiar with.

At Okabe & Haushalter, however, our experienced and knowledgeable international criminal defense attorneys are capable of protecting your best interests both in and outside the courtroom. Our legal team has extensive experiencing navigating these kinds of cases, dealing with federal prosecutors, and ensuring that our clients’ voices are heard before the law. No matter how complex or serious the charges against you may be, our team at Okabe & Haushalter can ensure that the best possible outcome is placed within reach.

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The Cases We Handle

There are many different laws that regulate how we as individuals and our financial interests can operate in an international context. These laws are often complicated and can yield serious penalties for the accused if a conviction is reached.

Our firm is prepared to handle cases involving:

At our firm, we understand the disadvantages the accused in these cases often face. They often find themselves exposed to significant penalties, incarcerated far from their home, and subjected to laws they may have not even known existed prior to their arrest. Whether your case requires aggressive negotiation outside the courtroom or requires assured, seasoned litigation before a judge, our firm can ensure that your best interests will remain an absolute priority until a favorable resolution is reached.

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