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International Foreigner Arrest Attorney

Foreigner Arrest In Southern California

Our International Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Advocate For You

Are you a visitor to the US who has been arrested and accused of a criminal act? If so, our dedicated team of international criminal defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter are ready to assist you. Foreign nationals who are arrested on US soil often face a number of critical disadvantages when being tried for their crimes. Our firm works tirelessly to level that playing field and ensure that our clients receive every consideration they deserve under the law.

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Common Charges For Foreign Nationals

Our firm focuses solely on the criminal defense arena and is in an uncommon position to provide thorough and capable counsel to anyone arrested for a crime in Southern California. Our nationally-recognized attorneys are licensed and well-versed in both state and federal court and have the knowledge and resources to thoroughly defend you no matter what your criminal charge might be.

Common criminal cases for foreign nationals include:

Additionally, if you are a US citizen who is facing an arrest outside of our borders, such as a border arrest or a cruise ship arrest, our lawyers are ready to come to your defense. We know the uncertainties and “limbo” the accused are caught in when these cases and do everything possible to not only secure a swift solution but a favorable one, as well.

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