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Out Of State Arrest / Tourist Arrest

Out Of State Arrests & Tourist Arrests For Child Pornography

Los Angeles Child Porn Defense Attorneys

Federal law states that it is illegal to possess, produce, distribute, or sell pornographic material that involves children. A conviction on any of the above offenses can lead to substantial penalties that may include prison time and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Okabe & Haushalter is a Los Angeles criminal defense law firm that has represented many individuals facing child pornography charges.

Our Los Angeles child pornography defense lawyers understand how to effectively address such charges, and we are available to provide you with assistance in your case. Through the comprehensive investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, we will seek to challenge the opposition’s case in an effort to secure the desired resolution to your case.

Possible Defenses To Child Pornography Charges

There are several defenses that can be effectively utilized to acquit one of a child pornography accusation, including:

  • Entrapment – This involves police persuading you or using enticement in order to get you to commit a crime that you normally would not commit.
  • No intent – An internet “spam” advertisement that includes child pornography may appear on your computer, even though you were on an unrelated site and had no intent to view such content.
  • Age – Individuals depicted in child pornography must be under 18 years of age for a person to be charged with a child pornography offense. In certain cases (such as those involving possession), a person can be found innocent if they did not know that the individuals depicted were under 18.

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Child pornography charges are extremely serious, to the extent that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has dedicated an entire department to investigating and prosecuting those suspected of the crime. If you have been arrested for a child pornography offense while visiting Los Angeles from out of state or overseas, you may be held in custody for a substantial period before the case has been resolved.

By hiring a skilled lawyer from our team, you will increase your chances of a favorable case outcome that includes the ability to return to your place of residence without having been charged or convicted. If you have been arrested for a child pornography offense while visiting Los Angeles as a tourist, contact Okabe & Haushalter to fight these accusations.