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Conspiracy To Commit Drug Crimes In Los Angeles

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are eager to obtain convictions in any case involving drug crimes, and they will take every possible action to secure the maximum sentence to punish an offender. If you have been charged with a crime such as cultivation, manufacturing, sale or distribution of illegal controlled substances, you may face additional charges of a drug conspiracy.

It is vital to work with an experienced drug crime lawyer who can help you defend your rights. The prosecution does not have to prove that you committed the actual crime in order to get you convicted, but they can argue that you are guilty of conspiring with one or more other people to engage in illegal activities.

Penalties For Drug Conspiracy

The penalties you face will depend on whether your case is tried in a federal court or on the local level, but in most situations, a conviction will lead to a sentence including imprisonment and major fines. You will also have a criminal record that can make it difficult for you to get hired at many companies in the future as well as causing other problems. Your attorney can investigate the evidence against you to find any signs of illegal search & seizure or other violations of your rights that could result in the case being dropped. With so much at stake, you need to do whatever you can to clear your name.

Have You Been Charged With Drug Conspiracy?

At Okabe & Haushalter, we know how concerned you may be for your future when you have been accused of drug conspiracy, but by engaging our services you will be taking advantage of our years of practice and experience. We have defended many clients in your situation, and we will work diligently to help you fight your charges.

Contact a Los Angeles drug crime lawyer if you have been charged with drug conspiracy and need dedicated legal representation to defend your name.