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Los Angeles Heroin Charges Defense Attorney

Heroin Crimes In Los Angeles

Heroin Charges Defense Lawyer

Heroin is recognized as being among the most addictive and harmful street drugs available, and it is listed as a Schedule I drug in the United States Controlled Substances Act. If you are convicted of the possession, trafficking, sale or distribution of heroin you may be punished with severe criminal penalties.

Originally employed widely as a medical drug for its tremendous effects as a painkiller, became a popular recreational drug and has been used all over the world for several decades. Heroin production has seen a major increase in recent years, and law enforcement officials at all levels are vigorously pursuing anyone who is suspected of involvement with this drug.

Possible Penalties For Heroin Charges

Because of its extreme addiction-forming qualities and the potential for intravenous injections to spread infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, the prosecution in cases of heroin crime usually will seek the highest available sentencing. Depending on the circumstances, this may include years in federal prison and being fined thousands of dollars. You may also be forced to undergo rehabilitative treatment and counseling.

You must act fast if you want to defend yourself against the charges, and it is important not to discuss your case with anyone before you have met with a knowledgeable Los Angeles drug crime attorney. You need to know your rights and how to protect them, and anything you say or do now could potentially add to the case against you.

Effective Defense For Los Angeles Heroin Charges

At Okabe & Haushalter, we understand how stressful it can be to find yourself charged with a crime, and when it involves an intensely addictive drug like heroin, we know that you are probably intent on getting the case resolved as swiftly as possible. It is absolutely vital to avoid a guilty verdict, whether through an alternative sentence for rehabilitative treatment under Proposition 36 or through getting the case dropped based on constitutional violations during search & seizure. Speak with one of our attorneys and receive a consultation so that we can get started on a strategy tailored to you.

Contact a Los Angeles Los Angeles Heroin Charges Defense Attorney when you have been arrested on a heroin charge and want to find out what you can do to fight the case.