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Commercial Driver’s License Dui Charges

A commercial driver has more to lose when facing DUI charges. As a commercial driver, he/she relies upon his/her ability to drive in order to make a living. An arrest for intoxicated driving threatens your driver’s license and your employment – and leaves you facing possible jail time, heavy fines, and more. Additionally, a commercial driver may not apply for limited driving privileges after a license suspension in order to drive for work purposes.

At our firm, our DUI defense attorneys are familiar with helping clients who are facing commercial charges. We understand just how much is at stake and thus apply ourselves fully to defending our clients’ rights and freedom. This includes representation at the DMV hearing and during every step of the criminal court process.

Commercial Dui Penalties

A commercial vehicle driver faces different drunk driving laws than the driver of a smaller vehicle, such as a car or SUV. While a driver with a standard driver’s license may be charged with drunk driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater, a driver with Commercial Class A license may not drive with a blood alcohol level of.04% or greater.

For a first conviction, a driver will face license suspension for 1 year. For a second, a 2-year license suspension. For a third, a 3-year driver’s license suspension – all without the ability to apply for and obtain a restricted license for work purposes.

Get Help From Okabe & Haushalter

Do not plead guilty if you have been charged with a commercial DUI! Without consulting a defense lawyer, you will never know if you would have won your case, had you pursued it to the end rather than accepting a plea bargain or simply pleading guilty. When facing criminal charges involving commercial vehicle DUI, you will need a skilled attorney in your corner. Don’t let yourself face maximum penalties and lose your driving privileges.

If you are facing commercial vehicle drunk driving charges, we recommend that you consult our law offices as soon as you can. During a Free consultation, we can determine how a skilled attorney at our firm may be able to help you.