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DUI With Injury Defense Charges Lawyer

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DUI with injury, or DUI causing injury, occurs when a drunk driver causes an auto accident which results in injury to another person (another driver or passenger). If you are facing these serious charges, you will need a defense attorney on your side as soon as possible. DUI with injury is often a felony charge and may result in many years in state prison if you are convicted.

The crucial deciding factor in a DUI with injury case is whether or not the defendant actually caused the accident. If the other driver caused the accident, or if a mechanical failure, road or weather conditions were the cause, the defendant should not be convicted or even charged with the offense in the first place.

The Benefit Of Enlisting Okabe & Haushalter

As Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers, it is our job to review our client’s case in order to determine how to prove: A) that our client did not cause the accident, B) that our client’s abilities were not impaired, and C) our client’s blood alcohol concentration was below the legal limit. Through accident reconstruction and an independent investigation of the accident and any breath or blood test results, our attorneys fight to prove our clients’ innocence.

What Are The Penalties For DUI With Injury?

Without a skilled defense lawyer on your side, you are likely to face maximum penalties for a DUI with injury charge. This offense is a “wobbler” meaning it may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances. If charged as a felony, a defendant may face up to 3 years in state prison, with an additional 3 years if the victim sustained great bodily injury. DUI causing great bodily injury is also a strike on a person’s criminal record, under California’s Three Strikes law.

In light of the severe penalties which you may face if charged with and convicted for DUI with injury in Los Angeles, we hope that you consult a defense lawyer as soon as you can. Our experienced firm will be able to answer your questions and tell you what you can do to avoid incriminating yourself. Call today to discuss your legal options!