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Los Angeles Federal Money Laundering Lawyer

Los Angeles Money Laundering Attorney

Federal Crime Defense Lawyers In Los Angeles

Money laundering is a complex and often time-consuming federal offense that involves taking money which was illegally obtained, or obtained from an illegal source, and making it appear as though the source was legitimate. This may be conducted through a series of complex financial transactions and transfers. A federal crime punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines, money laundering charges requires the defense of a skilled federal criminal attorney if a defendant will have even a chance of avoiding a conviction.

A Los Angeles money laundering defense lawyer at Okabe & Haushalter may be able to help you if you are facing charges involving this crime. Although money laundering, in the past, usually referred exclusively to organized crime operations, it often applies to businesses and individuals as well.

What Is Money Laundering?

Money laundering consists of three steps:

  • Placement is considered the most dangerous step of money laundering. It consists of getting the money into a financial institution and is the initial point of entry in a money laundering operation.
  • Layering consists of a number of complex financial transactions that are used to conceal the paper trail from the entry point to the end of the laundering process.
  • Integration also referred to as “cleaning”, is the final step of the process, which involves introducing the money back into society. This is accomplished often by concealing the money in a legitimate financial transaction, such as over invoicing in the case of a money laundering operation conducted in a business.

Why A Los Angeles Money Laundering Attorney?

Consult a Los Angeles money laundering defense attorney if you or someone you know has been accused of money laundering. These federal charges often involve involvement by large federal agencies that have the resources and manpower to conduct a lengthy investigation and gather extensive evidence against you. By working with a federal defense attorney as soon as possible, you can help to guarantee a better result for your case, rather than waiting too long to hire a lawyer.

Facing charges involving money laundering? Contact a Los Angeles money laundering defense lawyer today!