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Cyber Stalking Charges

Stalking is a criminal offense that may be committed in person, by phone or mail, or through the use of the internet. Internet stalking also referred to as “cyberstalking” or “cyberstalking” occurs when an individual uses the internet as a means of continually contacting, monitoring or otherwise harassing another. At times, cyberstalking may occur when an individual has already had a restraining order filed against him/her by the victim or maybe against a victim whom the stalker has never met.

If you are facing internet stalking or cyberstalking charges, it is essential to consult an internet crime attorney or lawyer as soon as you can. By acting quickly in consulting an attorney, you give yourself the best opportunity of reaching a positive outcome for your case, and your attorney will have a head start in working to build a case and defend your rights.

Cyber Stalking Penalties

Internet stalking or cyberstalking may be a misdemeanor or felony offense, depending upon whether there are any aggravating factors or if it is the perpetrator’s second or subsequent offense.

  • A first stalking charge, with no aggravating factors, maybe a charged as a misdemeanor with a maximum county jail sentence of one year.
  • A second or subsequent cyberstalking offense may be charged as a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in state prison.
  • Cyberstalking committed against a minor, causing great harm to the victim or involving a deadly weapon, may be charged as a felony with enhanced penalties. (This is an aggravated stalking offense.)

If cyberstalking occurs in violation of a restraining order, the offender may face enhanced penalties as well as immediate arrest by law enforcement.

Fight Your Charges!

Internet stalking and cyberstalking charges are serious and may result in harsh penalties if you are found guilty. By consulting a Los Angeles internet stalking defense lawyer, you are given the opportunity to fight these charges with a skilled lawyer at your side.

Our lawyers are familiar with cyberstalking cases involving contacting or harassing a victim through the internet, email or other electronic means of communication using the internet, including instances of an alleged stalker impersonating the victim in chat rooms or via email, or encouraging others to harass the victim. Call today to enlist aggressive representation for your case!