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Has your child been detained in regards to a drug possession accusation? Act quickly to contact a Los Angeles juvenile defense attorney if this is the situation you have found yourself in. Your child may face incarceration, probation, expulsion from school, and a number of other penalties if he or she does not have aggressive, effective representation by a juvenile criminal defense lawyer.

Okabe & Haushalter is a Los Angeles criminal defense law firm with a special focus on juvenile defense. When you work with a juvenile crimes attorney at our firm, you will witness firsthand the experience and know-how our firm has when defending a minor through the juvenile court process. When we take on a new drug possession case, we always fight to have the charges dismissed before the case ever reaches juvenile court; if this is not possible, we will pursue drug treatment in lieu of incarceration and a criminal record.

At our firm, our attorneys believe that minors who have been accused of drug possession deserve to be rehabilitated, not punished – for that is the way that they will be able to face a bright future.

Juvenile Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession by a minor is a common juvenile offense. Young people are often impressionable and may be subject to peer pressure or influence by older children or young adults who encourage them to experiment with drugs. This can include controlled substances, as well as prescription drugs. It is for these reasons that rehabilitation and treatment are so important in Los Angeles juvenile drug possession cases.

Additionally, a minor may have been falsely accused of or framed for drug possession. Regardless of your child’s specific situation, our Los Angeles juvenile lawyers will review your particular case to determine how we can best defend your child’s rights and offer him/her the best chance at a positive outcome.

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If your child is facing drug possession charges, consult a Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. Our lawyers handle juvenile drug cases throughout all of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Contact a Los Angeles drug possession attorney at our firm today!