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Los Angeles Juvenile Murder Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Juvenile Murder Defense Lawyer

Has Your Child Been Charged With Homicide?

There is no question that murder is the most serious violent felony offense that a minor can be accused of. In fact, murder charges will most likely result in juvenile proceedings being canceled and the case being brought to adult criminal court, where the minor will face adult penalties.

In these times more than ever is when a Los Angeles juvenile crime defense attorney will need to use aggressive legal counsel to protect a minor from being brought to adult court. By acting quickly and consulting an attorney, you are effectively giving your child the best opportunity of facing lesser charges, of having charges dropped or of having his or her case heard in juvenile court – where the focus is rehabilitation, not punishment.

Murder Charges: Minors Tried As Adults

When a minor is tried as an adult, such as after a murder charge, the punishment may be up to life in prison – in state prison, with adults. This type of incarceration is likely to be frightening and dangerous for any minor to deal with.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we see the benefits of dealing with cases in juvenile court and thus do everything in our power to help a client’s case remain a juvenile matter, rather than going to adult court. However, if this is simply impossible, we have the skill and the experience to defend your child in criminal court. Calling expert witnesses, establishing the good character of your child, conducting our own independent investigation, and using forensic evidence to prove your child’s innocence are just a few of the services which we can provide as Los Angeles defense attorneys in juvenile or state criminal court.

Murder Defense Attorney In Los Angeles

A first degree murder charge, for an adult, may result in the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. A minor, tried in adult criminal court, may face life in prison if convicted of murder. There are a number of defenses that a Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyer or attorney may be able to use in defending a minor accused of murder. This may include factual innocence, a false accusation, a constitutional rights violation, self-defense, or defense of others.

When your child is dealing with criminal charges of this magnitude, you simply cannot be comfortable working with an inexperienced lawyer or one that only has a broad, shallow understanding of the law. You will receive more should you choose to work with us. One of our legal partners, Attorney Mark Haushalter, has recently been nationally recognized for his work as a legal commentator on the Casey Anthony case for CNN. This work is a prime example of our level of understanding of the criminal law, as well as the national attention that we have garnered. With a reputation such as this and a track record of success, you can trust that your child’s case and future will be in capable hands.

Contact a Los Angeles juvenile murder defense lawyer at our firm to find out how we will fight to protect your child’s rights!