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Accused Of A Sex Crime Involving Children?

The TIP (Trafficking In Persons) office views any child or woman who is commercially sexually exploited as a victim of trafficking. While ordinarily the term “trafficking” involves transporting or moving, the US Government definition does not require any type of movement of the victim.

Under this definition, anyone connected to child prostitution may be taken into custody for a number of serious federal and state child crime offenses. The punishment for child prostitution includes extensive prison sentences, large fines, and possible sex offender registration. A Los Angeles sex crime attorney at Okabe & Haushalter has the experience and skill you need to help you avoid these and other consequences.

Criminal Defense Attorney In Los Angeles

The US Department of Justice along with local law enforcement is very actively seeking out individuals who recruit, manage, or solicit children prostitutes. With the advent of the internet and chat rooms, undercover investigators take advantage of the anonymity to run sting operations in order to identify and amass evidence for arrests and prosecutions.

An allegation of involvement in child prostitution can ruin you professionally and destroy your standing in the community. This type of case can be quite complex and requires a child prostitution defense lawyer with the expertise to dissect the prosecution’s case and provide an insightful defense. Media attention and the pressure from local and international political groups ensure that prosecutors will be zealous in seeking convictions. You will need a lawyer on your side that will aggressively defend your rights and work to achieve a positive outcome.

Prosecutors routinely add as many charges as possible. Since child prostitution may include any number of federal or state charges, in order to have the best chance to avoid severe criminal penalties you need a highly skilled attorney in your corner who is intimately familiar with both the state and federal process and is committed to helping you to avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction on all charges. Talk with a criminal defense lawyer concerning the charges you are facing.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at our firm who has the extensive resources to provide an aggressive defense.