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Luring A Minor Charges In Los Angeles County, CA

Luring or attempting to lure a child away from his or her home is an infraction or misdemeanor offense in California. This means that you may face jail time, fines and more if you are convicted of this offense. Luring a minor may be charged if an adult, 21 years or older, communicates or contacts a minor under the age of 14 with the intention of persuading or enticing the child into leaving home and meeting with him or her, usually for the purpose of sexual activity – but sexual activity does not necessarily need to be the purpose.

If you have been arrested for luring a minor in Los Angeles or the South Bay you will need a Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyer to protect your rights and help you avoid a conviction. At Okabe & Haushalter, we understand the gravity of any sex crime related to a minor, and we take each case we handle seriously, applying all of our experience and knowledge to work to your benefit. When you work with an attorney at our firm, you can count on our commitment to asserting your rights and proving your innocence.

At our firm, we have handled hundreds of sex crime cases throughout Los Angeles County. We have experience in both criminal defense and criminal prosecution and thus have an understanding of both sides of the criminal process as it relates to a charge involving luring a child. Your lawyer at Okabe & Haushalter will know what to do to offer you the best chance at acquittal or dismissed charges.

Police Entrapment In Luring Of A Minor Cases In South Bay

The government may attempt to make online chatting or emails seem to appear as the propositioning of children for sexual activity, even when there is no intent to do so or when there is no real minor involved. Undercover detectives lie in wait in chat rooms, attempting to catch unsuspecting users of the chat room who may have no criminal intent at all. These detectives often entrap unknowing participants into engaging in illegal behavior – setting up or attempting to set up a meeting with the “minor” (who is actually an adult law enforcement officer).

This type of covert activity is exactly why you need a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. At our firm, we understand exactly how underhanded these practices can be, and we will fight to protect your rights.

Accused of luring a minor in California? Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at our firm today!