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Charges of the production, possession or distribution of child pornography are very serious. These offenses can be prosecuted in state or federal court. Additional charges can be tacked on such as child trafficking, child prostitution, conspiracy, and others. Action groups along with the media have brought these crimes to the attention of the general public resulting in strong feelings in local communities concerning the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The local and federal governments have responded with throwing more resources into these investigations. If you are facing charges concerning child pornography having a Los Angeles child pornography attorney on your side experienced in this type of defense is a must.

Child Porn Charges From Sexting

With camera cell phones and the other many electronic devices currently available and in wide use, it is easier than ever to be charged with producing child pornographic photos and videos than ever before. Teens and their parents are often dismayed to find out that a picture or video of an under aged person is in their email or on their phone sent to them by a prankster, by mistake or out of malicious intent. These pictures and videos are often made by the minor in the picture or video. This minor may be charged with producing and distributing child pornography.

A person who is found to have this type of image on their computer or cell phone can be charged with possession of child pornography. If after receiving such a picture or video the person sends it to a friend the charge can now include distribution of child pornography. A defendant’s only chance of avoiding the serious penalties connected with sexting and videos is to work with a skilled child pornography defense lawyer who is experienced in fighting this type of internet crime.

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The sooner you bring your legal counsel into your case, the sooner your defense can begin. Early intervention by an experienced criminal defense lawyer at our firm could, with some very skilled work, allow the charges to be dropped or reduced. Call Okabe & Haushalter immediately to discuss the allegations against you.

Contact a Los Angeles child pornography defense attorney at our firm if you are facing charges in connection with child pornography videos.