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Powerful Defense Against Drug Charges

Possessing an illegal or controlled substance is a crime in the state of California and carries stiff penalties. These drugs can be many different types and can include such things as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD, any of the various “club drugs” or even prescription drugs that were procured illegally. The exact penalties that you would face should you be convicted will vary depending on the type of drug found to be in your possession, the exact amount found, and the vicinity you are found with it.

What Should I Do if Arrested for Drug Possession?

If you are suspected of possessing drugs or paraphernalia, you will likely be placed in police custody. Being approached by a police officer is stressful, especially if you have had run-ins with the law in the past. If you are arrested for drug possession, make sure you do the following while in police presence:

  • Remain polite at all times
  • Refrain from answering any questions
  • Use the phone call at the police station to call a Los Angeles drug possession lawyer at Okabe & Haushalter
  • Do not discuss the arrest or potential charges with anyone except for a lawyer

Being arrested for suspicion of drug possession is not easy. You will endure stress, worry, fear, and anger all rolled into one. Make sure a criminal defense lawyer is ready to review your case moments after being arrested so that there’s no stone left unturned when facing criminal charges.

What Happens Following an Arrest?

If you’ve never been arrested before, your first arrest can be truly frightening. There are so many questions and fears flying through your head that you might not know where to start. After an arrest, you need to make sure there’s someone who can pay bail so you do not have to remain in jail until your hearing.

You will be required to attend an arraignment hearing before you can be released from jail. At this hearing, you will be told the charges levied against you. You can enter a plea of guilty or not guilty or no contest. Make sure that bail is set at the arraignment hearing so that it can be paid and you can secure your release.

Once you are released on bail you should meet with your criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Doing so will begin the process of building a defense against the charges filed by the prosecutor assigned to your case. It is important to be truthful with your attorney so he or she can provide you with an honest assessment of your case.

What Are the Drug Classifications?

The drug you are found to be in possession of when arrested plays a major role in the charge you will face from the prosecutor. Drugs are classified into five schedules and these schedules determine whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. The schedules are as follows:

  • Schedule I: Marijuana, LSD, Heroin, and Ecstasy
  • Schedule II: Oxycodone, Methamphetamine, Opium, and Morphine
  • Schedule III: Testosterone, Vicodin, Steroids, and Codeine
  • Schedule IV: Ambien, Xanax, Valium, and Tramadol
  • Schedule V: Lyrica, Lomotil, Motofen, and Parepectolin

If the police find that you are in possession of any of these drugs in a large amount, they could determine that you had an intent to distribute or sell, which means that you can wind up facing additional charges on top of possession. The best thing you can do for yourself when faced with a drug possession charge is to speak with an experienced Los Angeles drug possession lawyer.

Drug Possession Penalties In California

When faced with drug possession charges, obtaining the dedicated representation of an experienced Los Angeles drug defense attorney is key if you wish to avoid a number of legal penalties. The penalties for possession of a controlled substance or narcotic depend on two factors: the number of drugs in question, and the type of drug in question.

For example, possessing less than 1 oz of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by a $100 fine, whereas possessing any amount of cocaine is an immediate felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Even marijuana can bring about felony charges when you have a large number of drugs in your possession.

In addition to imprisonment, a conviction for drug possession can result in thousands of dollars in fines, probation, mandatory drug treatment, community service, and a mark on your permanent record.

Drug Crime Attorney Serving Southern California

We at Okabe & Haushalter understand the intricate nature of laws that surround drug crimes and are fully devoted to ensuring that every person with who we work will be awarded the benefit of having a dedicated lawyer on their side. By securing the representation of a criminal defense attorney from our firm, you will be able to breathe easier knowing that you do not have to deal with the criminal process all on your own. You will have enough on your plate – contact our firm and let us help you to shoulder the burden.

If you are interested in scheduling an initial case consultation, contact Okabe & Haushalter today to discuss your situation.