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Los Angeles Federal Drug Crime Attorney

Los Angeles Federal Drug Crime Lawyer

Federal Drug Crime Lawyer In Los Angeles

Many drug violations may be federal crimes, particularly when the state or national borders are crossed. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) may be involved in investigating federal drug crimes, and federal prosecutors will attempt to obtain a conviction and maximum penalties for the defendant.

When facing federal drug crime charges, you will need an experienced and aggressive Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney on your side. At Okabe & Haushalter, we have the knowledge and experience needed in order to defend clients facing federal drug violations. Facing a drug charge in federal court is more serious and complex than facing a charge in state court. Federal prosecutors have “first dibs” on drug crime cases in California and thus can pick and choose which cases they will pursue. They may choose higher-profile cases or those which are more likely to result in a conviction.

Federal Drug Crimes In Los Angeles

Drug trafficking, distribution and importation are all offenses that may be pursued by federal agencies and prosecutors. Additionally, large marijuana distributors (even those for medical marijuana) may be targeted by federal authorities in an attempt to press federal drug violation charges. These offenses typically involve large quantities of controlled substances, narcotics or illegal prescription drugs being imported or exported to and from California or internationally.

Drug Trafficking & Importation Defense Lawyer

The Los Angeles federal drug crime attorneys at our firm may be able to help you if you are facing drug violations charges involving any of the following:

If you are facing any type of federal drug violation charge, you can benefit by consulting a Los Angeles federal defense lawyer at our firm. Our lawyers believe in our clients’ innocence and use our skills and persistence to defend their rights in federal court. Although federal drug crime cases are often more complex and difficult to defend than state drug crime cases, our lawyers always give their all and use every resource in defending our clients’ rights. Contact a Los Angeles federal defense lawyer at our firm regarding your drug violation case!