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Los Angeles Juvenile Physical Assault Charges Defense Attorney

Juvenile Physical Assault Charges Lawyer In Los Angeles

Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Has your child been accused of physical assault? This is a violent criminal offense that may result in harsh penalties, particularly if the alleged victim suffers a serious injury.

Contact a Los Angeles juvenile crime defense attorney as soon as possible if your child has been accused of physical assault or has been detained by the police. By working with an attorney early on, you may be able to have the charges dropped before the case ever reaches juvenile court. This is one of the things that make the juvenile court process unique; that the arresting officer, juvenile hall intake officer or detention officer may make the decision to dismiss charges at any point in the process. With a skilled and aggressive juvenile defense lawyer on your side, you could avoid the time, expense and headache of a juvenile court trial – and your child could return to his/her normal life with a clean record.

About Physical Assault Charges

Physical assault involves physical violent contact between two people. When this occurs between family members, this may be considered domestic violence. When a child is a victim, this may be considered child abuse. At times, physical assault may be related to gang involvement or may occur at school. Hitting, kicking, pushing, touching, slapping, shoving and striking a victim against his or her will or without consent are all considered forms of physical assault. In fact, spitting at another or throwing an object may also constitute physical assault.

Depending upon whether the serious injury is sustained by the victim, physical assault may be charged as a felony or misdemeanor offense. The use of a deadly weapon, such as a gun, will also likely result in a felony charge. This determination, however, is at the sole discretion of the prosecutor. Early intervention by a skilled Los Angeles juvenile lawyer can help ensure that your child does not face more serious felony physical assault charges, which may result in incarceration and other severe penalties.

Call A Los Angeles Juvenile Assault Defense Attorney

At Okabe & Haushalter, we have the experience and knowledge of the California juvenile court system which is so necessary to have a chance to help minors who are facing physical assault charges. At our firm, our attorneys handle juvenile cases throughout Los Angeles, including Torrance, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Lomita, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes.

Contact a Los Angeles juvenile attorney today to find out how we can defend your child’s physical assault charges!