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Los Angeles Misdemeanor Juvenile Offenses Attorney

Misdemeanor Offenses In Juvenile Court

Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Lawyer

A misdemeanor, although a lesser crime than a felony, is still a serious criminal offense that may result in lasting consequences for a minor if convicted. This includes probation, boot camp, juvenile ranch facility, and fines.

A Los Angeles juvenile crimes lawyer at Okabe & Haushalter can help if your child has been arrested and may be facing misdemeanor charges. In these cases, we always try to get involved as early as possible, as early intervention by an experienced attorney can often result in the prevention of a juvenile trial and maximum penalty enforcement. Additionally, our attorneys are sometimes able to have charges dropped entirely before a case ever reaches juvenile court.

Misdemeanor VS. Felony Juvenile Charges In Los Angeles

The determination of whether to charge a juvenile crime as a misdemeanor or a felony lies in the hands of the prosecutor. Our attorneys recognize this and thus become involved as early as possible in order to help ensure that a crime is not charged as a felony (where imprisonment in a facility similar to state prison is one of the possible penalties).

Misdemeanor offenses are usually those which are committed by minors who do not already have a criminal record. Additionally, they may include more minor, non-violent offenses. Some examples of crimes for which a first-time offense may result in a misdemeanor charge include:

  • Theft (particularly shoplifting or another form of petty theft)
  • Simple drug possession (such as a small amount of marijuana)
  • Defacing property (when less than $400 in damage is caused)
  • Graffiti
  • Simple DUI charge (with no enhancements, such as an accident or injury)

Los Angeles Misdemeanor Juvenile Crime Attorney

To find out how we can help your child return to his/her normal life and get the treatment or rehabilitation that he/she needs, rather than punishment, we recommend that you consult a Los Angeles juvenile crimes lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. We will give you an honest evaluation of your child’s misdemeanor charges and let you know what we can do for you.

Was your child arrested for a misdemeanor offense? Contact a Los Angeles juvenile attorney at our firm today!