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Los Angeles Juvenile Theft Crime Attorney

Los Angeles Juvenile Theft Crime Lawyer

Theft Defense Attorney In Los Angeles

Theft, particularly petty theft or shoplifting, is one of the more common juvenile offenses in Los Angeles, California. Most first-time petty theft offenses are classified as misdemeanors, but the theft a valuable item, or theft perpetrated by a repeat offender may be charged with a felony offense. This will be decided by the prosecutor.

Consult a Los Angeles juvenile crime defense lawyer as soon as possible if you have become aware that your child is facing charges involving petty theft or grand theft. At our law firm, our juvenile lawyers handle all types of theft offenses, including:

Theft Charges & Penalties In Los Angeles

If convicted of a misdemeanor or felony theft crime charge, a minor may face penalties such as probation, boot camp, fines, imprisonment in a state institution, treatment program, detention, house arrest or community service. Although the juvenile court system is designed to lean toward rehabilitation rather than punishment, a Los Angeles juvenile defense attorney is definitely still necessary in order to ensure that the child is treated fairly and does not receive unfair punishment, or a conviction for a crime which he/she did not actually commit.

Consult A Juvenile Attorney

Okabe & Haushalter is a Los Angeles criminal defense law firm with a special focus on defending juvenile crimes. When you consult a Los Angeles juvenile crimes lawyer at our firm, you will receive the honest and frank evaluation of a lawyer who is intelligent, experienced and compassionate. When we take on a new juvenile theft case, we always take the time to thoroughly evaluate the charges brought against the minor in order to determine how we can be most effective. We spare no resource in your child’s defense and waste no time in getting started.

Contact a Los Angeles juvenile lawyer at our law firm regarding your child’s theft charges!