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Juvenile Crime Defense In Los Angeles, CA

Rape is a “registerable sex offense” for a minor, meaning that if your child is charged with rape and found guilty, he/she may have to register as a sex offender for life! The effects of sex offender registration in California are extreme and long-lasting. A person’s reputation and ability to get work or obtain certain professional licenses will be harmed. Additionally, the individual may not be able to live or work within a certain distance of schools or playgrounds, and their personal information may be accessed online for people in their neighborhood.

A Los Angeles juvenile crime attorney at our firm may be able to help you if your child has been accused of rape. This is a serious criminal offense which, in some cases, maybe tried in adult court (this will be up to the judge and prosecutor to decide). By involving a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible, you give your child the chance to have his/her rights protected even in the face of these serious charges.

At Okabe & Haushalter, our juvenile defense attorneys help minors facing felony charges throughout all of Los Angeles, including Torrance, Lomita, El Segundo, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach. We offer a free case evaluation with a juvenile defense lawyer to discuss your particular case.

Juvenile Rape Charges & Penalties

Rape is defined as forced sexual intercourse with a person who did not consent or was unable to consent at the time. This may include rape by force, threats, violence, or sexual intercourse with a person who is unconscious, drugged, intoxicated or mentally incapable of giving consent.

In California, if a child is tried as an adult for rape, he/she may face 3, 6 or 8 years in state prison. That is for a simple rape charge; aggravated rape (such as against a young child or rape causing serious bodily injury) will result in enhanced penalties.

Potential Defenses in a Los Angeles Juvenile Rape Defense Case

There is no universal strategy a juvenile defense lawyer may use when defending a young client who has been accused of rape. When discussing their case with us, it’s very important that your child be completely honest.

Our goal is to tailor our defense to your child’s specific circumstances. We can only do so if the information they provide us with is truthful.

The following are a few examples of common defenses a lawyer might employ in a Los Angeles juvenile rape case:

False Accusation

It can be very stressful and frightening when your child has been accused of rape. However, it’s important to remember that the burden of proof is on the prosecution. They must show beyond a reasonable doubt that your child committed this crime.

Doing so can be quite difficult, particularly if the allegations made about your child are false. If your child truly didn’t commit the rape they’re accused of, we can likely poke holes in the prosecution’s argument, showing that it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Sex Was Consensual

There are various reasons someone might consent to sex, only to later on claim they were raped. Again, in these circumstances, it is the prosecution’s responsibility to show that sex was nonconsensual. We will once again strive to demonstrate that the prosecution has failed to meet the burden of proof if your child engaged in consensual sexual activity with their accuser.

Mistaken Identity

Some rapists drug their victims or take advantage of them when they are too intoxicated to consent. When this occurs, a victim’s memory of a rape may be unclear at best.

This can result in a well-intentioned victim accidentally misidentifying their rapist. Perhaps the person accusing your child of rape genuinely believes they committed this crime, when they are in fact mistaken.

If this is the case, it’s likely your child has an alibi placing them somewhere other than the scene of the crime when the rape occurred. We can coordinate with witnesses whose testimony may support your child’s alibi.

How to Prepare for a Consultation With a Los Angele Juvenile Rape Defense Attorney

Don’t wait to contact a lawyer if your child has been accused of a sex crime. The sooner an attorney can begin working on their case, the better.

The process of working with a lawyer starts with an initial consultation. This is a first meeting in which you will discuss the basics of your case to determine if a particular law firm is right for your needs.

Your child can prepare for this meeting by taking such steps as:

  • Drafting a narrative in which they describe the circumstances of their arrest and the details of the charges against them
  • Drafting a narrative in which your child explains their alibi, if they have one
  • Making a list of witnesses (along with their contact information) who may be able to support your child’s alibi
  • Making a list of questions you or your child has about their case

Consult A Los Angeles Rape Defense Attorney!

If your child has been accused of rape, waste no time in consulting a Los Angeles juvenile lawyer at our offices. We will give you a free consultation to discuss your child’s case and determine how we can help. If you work with our firm, we will go to work immediately in attempting to have the rape charges dismissed before the case reaches juvenile court or adult court.

Contact a Los Angeles rape defense lawyer at our firm today!