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What to Do After the Arrest

What To Do After The Arrest

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Law enforcement usually attempts to take witness statements and interrogate suspects immediately prior to and also following an arrest. It is important to seek legal counsel before giving statements, as anything said can be used in court as evidence in the effort to convict. After giving basic information, contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney before answering questions or giving a statement.

Okabe & Haushalter are experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys that will take actions necessary to protect the rights of clients charged with the commission of a crime. We successfully represent many clients following an arrest or when under investigation for a serious crime, and we can provide competent legal advice and guidance throughout the process. Early involvement is vital in any serious criminal charge.

Defendants And Their Rights

It is important to retain legal counsel immediately following an arrest. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm will advise you from the beginning as to the proper steps to take. Ryan T. Okabe and Mark J. Haushalter work closely with clients and provide the best possible defense against criminal charges.

Defendants convicted of crimes face the loss of freedoms and difficulties for the remainder of their lives. A convicted criminal may receive a sentence from the court resulting in imprisonment, probation, large fines and expenses, counseling programs, and other penalties.

What To Do If You Have An Arrest Warrant

There are times when a person finds out that they have a warrant out for their arrest. There are various ways that a person may discover that there is a warrant for their arrest. Sometimes, a person may be well aware that a warrant may be issued for their arrest, but there are also times when people are caught off guard by a warrant.

An arrest warrant in California authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest and detain you if they have reason to believe you committed a crime outside of their presence. Judges in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas issue arrest warrants:

  • Based on the evidence presented to them by police officers or a District Attorney
  • Following a grand jury indictment

The solution here is not to hide from officers seeking to serve the warrant. These officials are going to do their job, and they will eventually catch up to you. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, your first phone call should be to a skilled Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who can handle the process of determining the legitimacy of the warrant and possibly turning yourself in. In order for an arrest warrant to be valid in Los Angeles, it must include:

  • The name of the person facing charges
  • The crime(s) which the person is accused of committing
  • The time the warrant was issued
  • The city or county of issuance
  • The signature and title of the judge
  • The name of the court that issued the warrant

Your Family Member Or Friend Has Been Arrested: Now What?

Contacting a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles can be complicated, particularly when the person who needs the attorney is in jail. The aftermath of an arrest can be incredibly confusing, and friends and family members of the person arrested are often left scrambling to try to find a solution. Friends and family members are usually also trying to find a way to get their loved ones out of jail.

It is perfectly okay for friends and family members to contact a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles on behalf of a person who currently is in jail. In fact, friends or family members may be the only way that a person and gain access to an attorney aside from a public defender. Please understand that while public defenders are generally good at their jobs, they are incredibly overworked and will be handling many other cases aside from yours. When you work with a criminal defense attorney, you will be getting an advocate whose focus will be on your case.

Choose The Defense Of Okabe & Haushalter

When so much is a stake, it is vital to have aggressive legal counsel to defend your rights and fight for your future freedom. The goal for our clients is to defend a case toward the best possible outcome, and many of our clients receive reduced charges, a full dismissal, or an acquittal in court.

Our attorneys have a vast amount of experience defending clients accused of crimes of sexual abuse, assault & battery, white collar crimes, drug crimes, and many others. The penalties for criminal convictions may vary depending on the circumstances of the incident and the seriousness of the criminal offense. Our legal team is knowledgeable about how to best protect rights and work in the best interest of clients immediately following an arrest. For legal assistance after an arrest, make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our qualified criminal defense lawyers.

Contact a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter for legal representation following an arrest.