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Los Angeles Fraud Crime Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Fraud Crime Attorney

Aggressive Defense Against All Types Of State Or Federal Fraud Charges

Being accused of fraud is a direct threat to your freedom and your future. With a fraud conviction typically will come large fines, restitution and time in county jail or state prison. Additionally, some forms of fraud are federal offenses, meaning you will face prosecution by federal prosecutors and investigation by federal agencies. These organizations typically have more resources than local law enforcement agencies. Federal prosecutors will pursue maximum penalties under Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at Okabe & Haushalter can help if you have been accused of or arrested for fraud. If you have found that you are under investigation for fraud, an attorney at our firm may be able to help you avoid having formal charges filed altogether. It is important to work with a defense lawyer as early as possible in any criminal charge. The sooner your lawyer can begin researching the circumstances of your case and can start building a defense, the better your chances are of reaching a successful result.

We handle all types of fraud cases throughout Los Angeles and the South Bay area. Some of the types of fraud crime cases we handle include:

Penalties For Fraud Convictions In Los Angeles

There are many types of charges a person could face related to fraud in the Los Angeles area. Most of these charges will be either misdemeanor offenses or felony offenses, though some of the fraud charges in California are considered “wobblers.” This means that prosecutors can choose whether or not to charge that particular offense as a felony or a misdemeanor.

What you were charged with depends on various factors related to your case. This includes the specifics of the offense, which statute you violated, how much harm you caused another person, as well as your past criminal history. Some fraud crimes in Los Angeles are charged like theft, which means that the level of offense you face will be based on the monetary value of the property you allegedly obtained. In these cases, you could face a misdemeanor charge and up to one year in jail with fines of up to $1,000. Felony charges could result in a longer prison sentence of 16 months, two years, or three years, as well as a fine of up to $10,000.

Collateral Consequences Of A Los Angeles Fraud Conviction

Regardless of whether or not you face a misdemeanor or a felony charge, a fraud conviction will create a permanent criminal record. A criminal record can result in significant long-term consequences aside from jail and prison and fines. Criminal records can impact a person’s career and their ability to find future employment. With a conviction on your record, it may be hard to obtain certain professional licenses, and you may be prohibited from being placed into certain positions within your job. Additionally, a criminal record could impact a person’s ability to attend college or trade school.

Those convicted of a felony offense for fraud in Los Angeles will lose their right to own or possess firearms.

Possible Defenses Of Fraud Charges In Los Angeles

At Okabe & Haushalter, our qualified Los Angeles fraud crime attorneys will help you get through the fraud charge process. There are various types of defenses that we may formulate on your behalf, depending on specific factors related to your situation. If we are unable to get charges dismissed right away, we will prepare the strongest defense case possible. Some of the defenses that we may use include the following:

  • You lacked they intended to defraud another person or business
  • The allegations against you are false
  • There is a lack of sufficient evidence for the prosecution
  • You are the victim of entrapment by law enforcement
  • There has been a mistake of identity

Defending Individuals And Businesses Accused Of Fraud In Los Angeles

The Los Angeles defense lawyers at our firm are committed to defending clients who have been accused of fraud. We understand that facing these charges can threaten your reputation and potentially harm your current and future business ventures. When you work with a lawyer at our firm, you will have the backing of our years of experience in criminal law, along with our resources to fully investigate your case and charges. Many fraud crime cases are highly technical and will require expert witnesses and investigators to determine how to properly prove your innocence. We will utilize all these resources to help reach the best outcome possible for your case.

Whether you have been accused of identity theft, insurance fraud, internet fraud or any other type of fraud crime, you will need a white collar crime attorney on your side to defend your rights.

Contact a Los Angeles fraud defense attorney today!

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