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Okabe Haushalter Representing Client In International Fraud Case

Okabe & Haushalter Sep 27, 2016 International

Okabe & Haushalter is currently representing a client that has been named in an international fraud investigation. Our client has entered a guilty plea on this matter and is ready to face the court’s decision concerning his role in a securities fraud scheme.


According to the Department of Justice, the accused played a key role in an international kickback scheme that nearly bankrupted Computer Sciences Corporation as it purchased ServiceMesh, Inc., a cloud computing software company based in Santa Monica. The accused, an American working in Australia as an executive for Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), collaborated with numerous co-conspirators to artificially inflate the value of ServiceMesh, Inc. as it was acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation.

FBI investigators believe that the accused used his role at CBA to purchase $10 million in goods and services from ServiceMesh, Inc. in 2013 and 2014. Not only did the accused receive kickbacks from these transactions, but also helped trigger a “performance goal payout” for ServiceMesh, Inc. set by Computer Sciences Corporation. Due to these purchases made by CBA, Computer Sciences Corporation paid an additional $98 million to buy ServiceMesh, Inc. as part of this payout.

The accused made roughly $630K from these illegal transactions. He has been charged with two counts: conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud. He is currently resolving another legal matter in Australia and is expected back in Los Angeles to face these charges.

At Okabe & Haushalter, our team preparing to ensure that our client receives the consideration he deserves in this matter. Even in the face of a guilty plea, all our clients receive vigilant advocacy in the courtroom that makes their rights and interests an absolute priority.

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