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Category: Murder/Manslaughter

After spending 6 long years in prison for a murder he did not commit, 33-year-old Jamal Trulove has been awarded $10 million in damages following a federal court ruling that he was framed for the crime. The murder, which occurred at a San Francisco housing complex in 2007, was not committed by Trulove, who has […]

Homicide should never be dismissed as anything less than a tragedy, but it seems even worse when an innocent child has lost their life due to the actions of others. One such child was the three-year-old victim of a shooting in Compton on Saturday January 20. As two men argued in a parking lot on […]

While the mere notion of a male shooter acting in self-defense to shoot dead a 15-year-old girl seems absurd, it would be wrong to assume that every shooting automatically becomes a solved murder case just from identifying the names and ages of the suspect and victim. Here at Okabe & Haushalter, a law firm representing […]

Murder is never a crime to be taken lightly, particularly when there’s more than one victim. LASD Homicide Bureau is currently investigating a suspect triple murder, which took place in a Palmdale home on Saturday 13th January. Police responding to a welfare check found the bodies of two men and one woman in the 1100 […]

As there’s a battle brewing over the remains and estate of mass murderer Charles Manson, our Los Angeles murder attorneys have decided to take a look back at the infamous cult leader’s life, his crimes and charges. Charles Manson, who’s often referred to as the mass murderer who never touched a soul, passed away aged […]

Three men the authorities believe are connected to a deadly liquor robbery have been appointed public defenders by the court. As the Las Vegas Sun reports, Lee Murry Sykes, Ray Brown, and Lee Dominic Sykes, all in their early 20s, face charges of robbery, kidnapping, and murder. According to the Las Vegas police, the suspects attempted […]

27 May, 2013
Okabe & Haushalter

The jurors never seemed to have much difficulty coming to conclusions. In the first- degree murder trial for Jodi Arias, it took 15 hours for jurors to declare her guilty and just under three hours to declare that she was eligible for the death penalty. When it came to sentencing her, jurors deliberated for about three days […]

A convicted arsonist and murderer may be receiving the death sentence for his actions of starting a massive wildfire in Southern California in 2003. He was just convicted of arson and five counts of first-degree murder in August of 2011, and today in court the jury requested that his punishment would be the death sentence. Rickie Lee Fowler, […]

In 2003, a fire was set that ended up destroying 1,000 homes and killed five individuals as well. Today, the man accused of starting this fire could face the death penalty. Thirty year old arsonist Rickie Lee Fowler was described by the prosecuting attorney as an “evil sadistic felon who raped, robbed and tortured people […]

This week, an Ohio man was found guilty of aggravated murder- after stabbing, suffocating and dismembering his girlfriend. Before being found guilty, in a bizarre twist, the man accused his deceased girlfriend of begging him to kill her. He claims that he found a text on her phone that indicated that she was going to […]

30 Jul, 2012
Okabe & Haushalter

Anthony Wayne Smith, a former football player for the Los Angeles Raiders, is accused of killing several men. In all, prosecutors believe that Smith is responsible for four cold-case deaths over the years. Two months after his football career came to close; prosecutors accused him of killing two men. In April, the case ended with a […]

A woman was found in Burbank who had been stabbed to death. What is eerie about this particular stabbing is that the woman was still in her wedding dress. When the family began to get concerned after not hearing from her a few days after her wedding, police searched her apartment and found her dead […]