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Three Liquor Store Robbery Suspects Appointed Counsel

Okabe & Haushalter May 9, 2016 Murder/Manslaughter

Three men the authorities believe are connected to a deadly liquor robbery have been appointed public defenders by the court. As the Las Vegas Sun reports, Lee Murry Sykes, Ray Brown, and Lee Dominic Sykes, all in their early 20s, face charges of robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

According to the Las Vegas police, the suspects attempted to rob Lee’s Discount Liquor on April 18. Three store employees were present, but only Matthew Christensen, 24 was shot and killed. Police believe that there was a conflict over the employees’ access to the store safe, which culminated with the shooting.


The suspects have yet to enter a plea, but face a tough body of evidence. The police received 150 tips from the public following the incident and there is liquor store surveillance video footage of the robbery. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told the press that the footage clearly indicates that Brown was the shooter.

In their first appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court, Wolfson made a point to pursue this case aggressively. These defendants are going to need some impressive legal skills to secure them as favorable an outcome as possible.

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