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A Triple Murder, Could a Quicker Welfare Check Have Prevented It?

Okabe & Haushalter Jan 5, 2018 Murder/Manslaughter

Murder is never a crime to be taken lightly, particularly when there’s more than one victim. LASD Homicide Bureau is currently investigating a suspect triple murder, which took place in a Palmdale home on Saturday 13th January. Police responding to a welfare check found the bodies of two men and one woman in the 1100 block. It has been reported that all three victims suffered some degree of trauma to their bodies, but the exact cause of death has yet to be identified.

Would a Quicker Welfare Check Have Saved Three Lives?

Police don’t just spend their days investigating crimes and responding to 911 calls, they’re also a valuable part of the community. If you’re trying to reach a friend or family member and become concerned about a lack of response, their local police force can carry out a welfare check. Police officers will visit their home to make sure nothing is amiss, and have the authority to enter the property if they believe that the occupant may be unwell or unconscious. Of course, a welfare check isn’t a good idea if you just haven’t heard from someone for a day or so, unless they typically respond very quickly, but can be useful when their silence becomes a worry.

In the case of the suspected triple murder in Palmdale, the police were not responding to a call about a crime being committed, but to a welfare check requested by someone close to at least one of the victims. As there are very few details available at the moment, it’s impossible to say why the welfare check was requested, or who called it in, but there may be a possibility that a quicker welfare check could have prevented three unnecessary deaths.

If you’re having unusual problems getting in touch with a friend or family member, and have reason to be concerned, it may be worth organizing a welfare check. While it’s unlikely that anything quite this tragic will have taken place, a welfare check can also mean that an unwell or unconscious person gets the help they need.

What If You’re Accused of Murder or Manslaughter?

In cases like the current Palmdale one, where murder is suspected but, as yet, there’s little evidence to prove it and, presumably, no reason to suspect anyone in particular, there are still quite a few avenues to be explored. In addition to the seemingly obvious murder explanation, there’s also a possibility that the three deaths could have been accidental, or that there’s a far more complex reason.

In Los Angeles, and the rest of California, there’s a clear distinction made between murder and manslaughter. In short, murder involves planning and an intent to cause death, whereas a manslaughter charge indicates that the death was accidental or unplanned. Manslaughter involves none of the premeditation and deliberation associated with murder, and this will form a significant part of your defense.

If you’ve found yourself facing a homicide, murder or manslaughter charge, you can’t afford to risk instructing an inexperienced criminal defense lawyer. You need the expertise of a well-known Los Angeles murder defense attorney. For an aggressive, hard-hitting and thorough murder defense, contact us on 310-430-7799 to schedule a consultation with an excellent attorney.