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The False Phone Call Was Not the Entire Cause for the Death of Andrew Finch

Okabe & Haushalter Jan 11, 2018 Internet Crime

Anyone who’s watched the news, read it online, or even just scroll through their Facebook feed recently, will be familiar with the tragic “swatting” case leading to the death of Andrew Finch. After a Call of Duty disagreement led to a prank call being made to police, reporting a shooting at Finch’s house, Finch was shot dead upon opening the door to the police. The man suspected of making the prank call and, as such, contributing to the death of Andrew Finch, is currently being held without bail, pending extradition to Kansas.

What Caused Andrew Finch’s Tragic Death?

One Thursday evening in late December, Wichita police received a 911 call reporting a hostage situation in the Finch household. The man making the call claimed to be in the house, and told dispatchers he had shot someone in the head. Working with the information they had, armed police attended the address, where Andrew Finch answered the door. When 28-year-old Finch reached for his waistband, an officer discharged his weapon, with devastating consequences for the Finch family.

While the false phone call is said to be the cause of Andrew Finch’s untimely demise, the full details of the shooting, and events leading up to it, will not become common knowledge until a trial takes place. As Kansas police wait to find out if the accused intends to fight extradition to their jurisdiction, these could be some time away. Until then, the entire cause of death will remain unknown.

Internet Crimes – the Darker Side of the Web

There’s no denying that the internet has made our lives easier in many ways. After all, few of us are likely to want to go back to having to a world where there was no online shopping, internet banking, or the ability to talk to loved ones around the globe without expensive long-distance calls. However, with the good comes the bad, and the rise of the internet has also led to the dawn of internet crimes.

Our Los Angeles attorneys have extensive experience of helping victims of various internet crimes, as well as provide criminal defense for those accused. The scope of internet crimes may be wider than you thought, with some of the most common charges including:

  • Illegal chat room activity
  • Computer hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Stalking
  • Internet hate crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Cyberbullying

Of course, “swatting” can also be added to this list, as pranksters continue to make 911 calls leading to the unnecessary dispatch of SWAT teams.

Our Los Angeles-based firm of criminal defense attorneys may be able to help if you stand accused of any kind of internet crime, with or without additional criminal charges. Whether you’re in the very early stages of an investigation, or the police have gathered evidence against you, you’ll need to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible to maximize your chances of success.

To find out how our internet crime attorneys could help you, contact our Los Angeles office on 310-430-7799 to schedule an initial consultation with Okabe & Haushalter.