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$10 Million Damages for Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder

Okabe & Haushalter Mar 31, 2018 Murder/Manslaughter

After spending 6 long years in prison for a murder he did not commit, 33-year-old Jamal Trulove has been awarded $10 million in damages following a federal court ruling that he was framed for the crime. The murder, which occurred at a San Francisco housing complex in 2007, was not committed by Trulove, who has always claimed that four police offers framed him for it. The jury has now found that his claims were accurate, with the police officers had fabricated evidence to prosecute Trulove, while withholding other evidence that may have assisted his defense. Prior to this hearing, Trulove’s conviction had been overturned by a state court in 2014, before a jury at a second trial acquitted the defendant.

Criminal Defense Attorneys for Los Angeles Murder and Homicide Cases

We all know that homicide and murder are serious charges and, if you have been arrested and charged with one of them, the gravity of the situation will not have passed you by. When you face charges relating to the death of another person, whether deliberate or accidental, you will need the legal expertise of an outstanding Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who is committed to protecting your rights.

Every case is unique but, through years of experience and countless successful verdicts, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from Okabe & Haushalter has honed the skills you need from your legal team. When you are charged with manslaughter, murder, or homicide, the potential penalties will depend on the specific charge, as well as the circumstances of your case. Your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can help to reduce these charges by arguing in favor of a less severe manslaughter charge, rather than murder. If you are not sure what the benefit of doing so is, consider this – a conviction of involuntary manslaughter may see you serving a few years in prison, whereas a first-degree murder conviction can carry the death penalty.

Of course, both of these charges are even more daunting when you have been wrongfully identified as the perpetrator, as happened to Jamal Trulove. If you believe that you have been framed for murder or manslaughter, you should still contact an esteemed Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately, enabling us to get to work building a strong case on your behalf.

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Whatever the circumstances surrounding your arrest, legal representation from an Okabe & Haushalter criminal defense attorney could dramatically alter the outcome. Our extensive experience means we can help you reduce the sentence you receive for even the most serious of charges – but we cannot do anything until you speak to us and instruct us to handle your Los Angeles criminal case.

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