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Los Angeles Internet Auction Fraud Attorney

Internet Auction Fraud

Los Angeles Internet Fraud Attorney

According to the FBI’s website, in 2007 a large percentage of complaints of internet crimes resulted from internet auction fraud. In fact, an estimated total of 44.9% of complaints was caused by internet auction fraud, far above all other internet crime complaints. The most common type of internet auction fraud involves the non-delivery of merchandise, wherein the bidder “wins” the auction, pays, and then never receives the merchandise from the seller.

If you are accused of internet auction fraud, you may also face accusations involving other related internet fraud crimes as well; the penalties you may face are severe. Consult a lawyer in order to find out what you can do to avoid a conviction and these penalties.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we are experienced in dealing with internet crime charges, including those involving internet auction fraud. Our white collar crime defense lawyers understand how to thoroughly evaluate an internet fraud charge in order to determine how we can build a strong defense strategy in our client’s favor. No two charges are the same, and thus we create tailor-made plans of defense to provide our clients with the best opportunity at a successful outcome.

Types Of Internet Auction Fraud

Internet auction fraud may include any one or more of a number of actions, all of which are meant to defraud a buyer or seller in an internet auction. Some actions commonly associated with internet auction fraud include the following:

  • Creating multiple accounts to control/raise the bidding
  • Non-delivery of merchandise
  • Misrepresentation of merchandise
  • Non-payment for merchandise
  • Fee stacking (charging excessive and undisclosed fees)
  • Selling black market goods (such as counterfeit items or illegal items)
  • Multiple bidding
  • Identity theft

You can take action to protect your constitutional rights and have a chance to avoid a conviction by consulting a fraud lawyer as soon as possible. By retaining effective legal counsel immediately, your lawyer can get involved in protecting your rights from the start of your case – possibly even helping you avoid facing formal criminal charges entirely.