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Have You Been Charged With Public Corruption?

The FBI has made public corruption one of the top priority crimes to investigate. They have expanded their task forces and investigatory units to identify, charge and convict any person that is engaged in corrupt activities that could be harmful to the country. These crimes can be related to border protection, economic stimulus corruption, election crimes, foreign corruption, and others. When government funds and activities are at risk, there are almost unlimited resources to bring perpetrators to justice.

If you have been accused of public corruption, it is critical that you act quickly and contact a Los Angeles federal crime lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter. The legal team at the firm has extensive experience in defending complex financial crimes in federal court and is prepared to evaluate your situation with regard to defending your case. We know how to navigate even the most high-profile cases. In 2015, we successfully secured minimal sentencing in the biggest public official bribery case in U.S. history.

Types of public corruption charges in California

Public officials in the state of California are held to very high standards by both federal and state laws put in place to curb corruption. This includes officials at the state, county, and municipal levels. The consequences of violating public corruption laws can be severe, and it could lead to professional and personal ruin for any person convicted.

At Okabe & Haushalter, our white collar crime attorneys handle a wide range of public corruption cases. We regularly defend those who are facing charges such as:

  • Money laundering charges
  • Violations of the RICO Act
  • Bank fraud
  • Extortion and kickbacks
  • Misappropriation or embezzlement of public funds
  • Mismanagement of disaster funds
  • Bribery of a public employee, judge, or elected official
  • Violations of environmental regulations

Possible Penalties For A Public Corruption Conviction

There are various consequences that a person could face if they are found guilty of a public corruption charge. The total severity of a penalty will depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding each case, particularly focusing on the type of charge and the amount of any money or assets taken.

A person facing these charges could be charged with violating federal or state ethics violations that leave them open to misdemeanor charges as well as significant fines. However, the state of California or the federal government could bring other types of misdemeanor or felony criminal charges aside from ethics charges. This could result in a jail or prison sentence as well as significant fines.

Additionally, there are other consequences that those found guilty of public corruption have to contend with. This includes a loss of reputation and community respect, financial losses due to lost income, as well as a permanent criminal record. This could affect a person’s ability to find future employment.

How We Confront Public Corruption Charges In California

At Okabe & Haushalter, our attorneys have significant resources and legal expertise that we will bring to your case. First, it is important to point out the public corruption cases often take months or years to resolve. Sometimes, an investigation does not result in an indictment until well after it has begun. However, you need to secure a skilled public corruption defense attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible. A skilled attorney can help shift the odds in your favor by:

  • Conducting a parallel investigation to challenge the prosecution’s investigation.
  • Hold law enforcement officials and prosecutors accountable as they enforce the laws.
  • Engage in conversations with the prosecution and begin a relationship that will be valuable with any negotiations down the line.
  • Provide continual advice on the actions that you need to take to steer clear of obstructing justice or committing perjury.

Public Corruption Cases In Los Angeles

Charges of public corruption are usually filed after an extensive investigation has taken place. An undercover operation was likely what led to the charge. Whether your case is related to extortion, theft of government funds, false appraisals, contract-rigging, or other matters, you will need a highly qualified federal criminal defense lawyer. When a public official received personal financial gain from such acts, the full force of the government and the federal criminal justice system gets involved.

These are very serious accusations, and if you are convicted you could expect to spend a long time incarcerated in federal prison. When facing federal prosecutors in a case of public corruption, you need to ensure that you are represented by an equally forceful and creative defense team. Our firm has defended many federal cases successfully and is very familiar with the system, the local personnel, and all matters of defending serious federal charges. We will employ every possible defense strategy we can develop to help you fight to avoid the repercussions of a conviction.

Contact a Los Angeles federal crime attorney from our firm at once if you have been charged with public corruption.