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DUI Defense Overview

DUI Defense: An Overview

With vigilant efforts on the part of the California Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies throughout Los Angeles, the drunk driving defense has become all the more important. In their efforts to stop real crime and protect other drivers, it may happen that law enforcement arrests and charges a driver who was actually not intoxicated or whose blood alcohol concentration was not above the legal limit. Any driver, even one arrested for drunk driving, has the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we are dedicated to protecting defendants’ rights and are committed to helping clients throughout Southern California who find themselves facing drunk driving charges of any kind, including underage DUI, commercial vehicle DUI, multiple DUI offenses, felony intoxicated driving, DUI with injury and more.

How Can I Fight My Dui?

In defending your charges, your attorney will carefully review every single aspect of your drunk driving charge. We will look for any error made by law enforcement, a violation of your rights, a physical condition that may have led to failed field sobriety tests or breath/blood tests, and more. We will use our understanding of California drunk driving laws in order to determine whether a defendant may be valid and will hold up in your DMV hearing or in court. Most importantly, we will act to protect your rights while building a defense strategy on your behalf.

Following are some examples of defenses which may be utilized by a lawyer at our firm, depending upon the particular case and circumstances:

  • The officer did not have reasonable cause to pull you over.
  • The officer did not read you your Miranda rights.
  • The officer did not inform you of the consequences of refusing a blood test or breath test.
  • You were not lawfully arrested.
  • The breath test or blood test was not administered properly.
  • The breath test machine was not calibrated properly, per state regulations.

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There are a number of strategies that our team can explore when investigating your case. For instance, an independent blood sample analysis may reveal an error made in the blood sample, leading to a falsely high blood alcohol concentration reading. Regardless of the specific case, it is our job, as defense attorneys, to determine what to do in defending your rights and freedom.