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Torrance International Civil Litigation Attorney

Torrance International Civil Litigation Lawyer

When problems arise between two people or two businesses, the legalities can be difficult to unravel even under the best of circumstances. When those two parties are located in different countries, however, the issue only grows more complex. The laws of two nations, as well as international laws, need to be taken into consideration when a civil suit goes beyond one country’s borders, and not all legal professionals are equipped to handle these cases. If you are dealing with a legal issue that goes beyond national borders, contact an international civil litigation lawyer in Torrance at Okabe and Haushalter to find out more about your options under the law.

International legal disputes related to business

In the modern age, many businesses operate across multiple countries, ensuring that companies can employ the best and the brightest from all over the world. However, when legal issues arise, the business that is a “global village” can face some complications due to the need to take various countries’ laws into consideration. For example, dissolving a business that has headquarters located in multiple countries requires an attorney with extensive legal know-how, or when a business is in a contract dispute with one or more parties located in different nations.

Personal disputes that cross borders

Businesses are not the only entities that may require the assistance of an international civil litigation attorney. Individuals may also experience difficulties that involve the law and could benefit from a civil suit with a lawyer well-versed in international civil litigation by their side. For example, if you loan a small sum of money to someone in another country who agrees to pay you back and then fails to do so, you may be able to pursue a civil case internationally similar to how you might file a suit in small claims court in the United States.

How a knowledgeable attorney can help

Many law firms specialize in various aspects of federal or state laws, but not every attorney can offer expertise in international civil litigation. A competent international civil litigation attorney knows the laws pertaining to both business and personal legal disputes with regard to multiple countries, not just the one they have their practice in. A good attorney can help you in court by working to establish liability and summarize damages and will fight to get you any monetary compensation you are owed by the other party.

Okabe and Haushalter can take on your international civil case

If you need an international civil litigation lawyer in Torrance, contact the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter today. Our team of experienced legal professionals understand the complex laws governing cases that transcend national borders and can help you with your civil suit. We will represent you and your best interests so that you can get a desirable resolution for your case, including any compensation you may be entitled to. We offer free consultations to all potential clients, so call today and see for yourself why we have earned our reputation for courtroom excellence.