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Torrance Bank Fraud Defense Attorney

Torrance Bank Fraud Defense Lawyer

Bank fraud is a generalized term referring to an array of criminal charges related to committing fraud via a financial institution such as a bank or credit union. This could refer to crimes such as running ATM scams or even impersonating a financial institution for the purposes of identity theft and fraud. Each bank fraud crime is unique, and each one can result in harsh penalties if a conviction is reached. Anyone who is charged with a bank fraud related offense is urged to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. If you wish to speak to a bank fraud lawyer about your options under the law, Okabe and Haushalter can help.

Types of bank fraud

There are a variety of ways in which bank fraud can be charged. Any fraudulent activity conducted using a financial institution could be considered a bank fraud crime. Here are some common criminal charges that fit the bill of bank fraud:

  • Forging check signatures
  • Creating fake checks
  • Using the wire transfer system fraudulently
  • Creating fake loan documents
  • Impersonating a financial institution

State and federal offenses

Many forms of bank fraud are illegal at both the state and federal levels, meaning that the crimes could be prosecuted in a state court or a federal court. At the state level, most bank fraud is prosecuted as a felony, meaning the potential penalty for a convicted party could result in prison time (as opposed to misdemeanor offenses). Any penalties that include incarceration could be served out in either a state or federal penitentiary if the person is convicted of a crime that qualifies as both a state and federal crime.

How a defense lawyer can help

It is natural to balk and feel confused when charged with a crime, but a good defense attorney can advocate for you in court and help you find a way to get your life back on track sooner. A defense attorney can argue against the charges on your behalf, and may be able to negotiate a plea agreement in which stacked charges are reduced to a single charge, leading to less severe penalties. A good defense lawyer will keep you informed throughout the legal process and will discuss the benefits and drawbacks that any given legal path could offer if pursued in the courtroom.

Okabe and Haushalter can help you fight bank fraud charges

Are you facing criminal charges related to bank fraud? If you need a bank fraud lawyer in Torrance, contact the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter. We can take on your case and fight for you in court using proven defense tactics that get results. We may be able to negotiate for less serious charges and reduced sentences, enabling you to get back to living your life sooner. Being accused of committing fraud is never easy, but you do not have to face your charges alone. Let Okabe and Haushalter assist you with your legal defense by putting our criminal law know-how to work for you. Call today for a free consultation.