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When we send our children to school, we trust the staff members to look out for their best interests and the keep them safe from harm while they are on campus. However, when school misconduct takes place, that trust is forever broken and lasting scars can be left on a family struggling to heal after a loved one has been victimized. School misconduct encompasses a variety of negligent or abusive behaviors and may include teacher misconduct or negligence on the part of school staff members, all of which can come about in various ways. If you would like to speak to a school misconduct lawyer in Venice, contact the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter to learn more about how we can help you with a case in the civil courts.

Abusive misconduct by teachers or staff

Many of us have heard news stories or read articles about inappropriate and unlawful sexual relationships between teachers and students. While this may be the most talked-about form of school misconduct, sexual misconduct is not the only type of unlawful and damaging behavior that takes place at schools. If a teacher or staff member is emotionally or violently abusive or neglects the needs of any student, they can be held accountable for those abusive or neglectful actions in civil court. For example, a staff member who shouts at or physically assaults a student is engaging in misconduct and could be held liable for the damages caused by their abuse.

Negligent misconduct

Although negligence by name refers to doing nothing at all, acts of negligence can leave lasting harm for those who suffered due to lack of action on someone else’s part. For example, if a staff member witnesses a teacher engaging in abusive misconduct toward a student but fails to report that misconduct to authorities, then that staff member may be held liable for the pain the student endured because of their failure to act on the wrongdoing they witnessed and may be held accountable in civil court for not taking appropriate action to end the misconduct they witnessed.

How a civil lawsuit can help your family

Even if you opt-out of pursuing criminal charges with regard to school misconduct, you can still take action in the civil court in order to seek compensation from damages. If a staff member is found to be responsible for damages incurred as a result of their negligence, that person may be required by the court to pay out damages which would then be given to you as financial compensation for the pain and suffering your family went through because of school misconduct or negligence.

Okabe and Haushalter can fight for your family in civil court

If you are ready to pursue action against the responsible parties whose negligence or misconduct led to your loved one being harmed, a school misconduct lawyer in Venice at Okabe and Haushalter is waiting to speak to you and your family. Our experienced attorneys can help you on your quest for justice in the civil courts and will push to ensure that you get the maximum compensation available for your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.