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In the modern age, the internet is both our playground and our workplace, but it can also be a place where the criminal activity takes place. Many crimes that once took place only in the real world are now possible to occur online. The internet makes being accused of crime easier than ever, and the punishments doled out if convicted of these crimes are just as severe as their “real life” counterparts. If you have been accused of committing an online crime in Los Angeles County, contact an internet crime lawyer to learn more about your legal options as a defendant.

Types of internet crimes

Many types of crimes are now capable of taking place online. The internet has given a new breeding ground to many familiar criminal offenses, as well as giving rise to brand-new criminal offenses.

Downloading illegal materials

Illegally downloading ebooks or downloading any other copyrighted materials, such as music, are serious online crimes. For example, downloading music or books without paying for them is an act of copyright infringement, and downloading pornographic materials featuring minors is a federal offense and could result in a prison sentence and compulsory sex offender registration.

Cyberstalking and harassment

The definition of stalking has changed over time, in large part due to the rise of the internet. Stalking was once defined as following or harassing someone repeatedly and maliciously in person, by mail or by phone under California Penal Code 646.9, but the law now acknowledges that harassment and stalking can also use the internet as a vehicle of harassment. These charges can be prosecuted as misdemeanors or felony offenses depending on the specific details of the alleged crime.


Crimes like bank fraud or insurance fraud are also now a part of the online world. Using the internet to commit fraud of any type is a serious crime in terms of both state and federal statutes. The punishments for those convicted of conducting fraud online are just as harsh as their real-world equivalents and could result in decades behind bars and major fines if a conviction is reached.

Identity theft

Using the internet to commit identity theft is now commonplace, and so-called phishing is on the rise. Using deception to procure personal data from others is a serious offense that could yield harsh sentences if convicted.

Okabe and Haushalter can fight for you in court

You have the right to a defense attorney, and if you have been charged with an online crime in the L.A. area, an internet crime lawyer in Venice is just a call or a click away. The attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter specialize in criminal law, and they can defend you against the internet crimes charges leveled against you. We can walk you through the legal process every step of the way, and we will fight for you in court so your case is resolved in a satisfactory manner. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.