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As many as 800 inmates serving time in California’s prisons and penitentiaries may soon have their sentences revisited—and possibly undergo sentence reductions. When SB 1437 passed last fall, it brought significant modifications to the rule and allows for retroactive sentencing for those inmates affected by the change. The new rules went into effect on January […]

Earlier this month, NBC Bay Area News reported that many inappropriate student-teacher relationships began over text messaging and social media. This is not entirely surprising to San Francisco criminal defense attorneys who know that the line between appropriate and inappropriate communications is rather blurry, especially when school districts do not create policies for teacher/student communication […]

As someone who is facing criminal charges, you cannot trust anybody in this country. And that includes the prosecutor. Yes, that’s right. Prosecutorial misconduct is a real thing. You cannot surprise anyone with police misconduct in this country anymore, but prosecutorial misconduct? “It’s definitely something new,” you may be thinking. But it’s not! Prosecutorial misconduct […]

If you are facing criminal charges in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or elsewhere in California, all you want to carry on with your life is to get the charges against you “dropped” or “dismissed.” Or is it dropped and dismissed? Whichever makes more sense? The words “dropped” and “dismissed” are often confused and used interchangeably […]

29 Aug, 2018
Okabe & Haushalter

The state of California is switching how it operates the bail system in place for people charged with a crime. The changes were made at the end of August when Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 10 on August 28. According to Brown, the change in the bail system makes it fair for people of […]

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Some of those mistakes are more serious than others. Maybe you committed a crime that led to a charge. If this is the case you will not want to represent yourself in court. This is a big risk to take that could wind up leading to your loss of freedom […]

While an appeal is a crucial part of any criminal case, it is not a new trial before a higher court, contrary to the popular belief here in California. Instead, the criminal appeals process refers to a very limited review of your final sentence or conviction by the Appellate Court in San Francisco or elsewhere […]

During a criminal prosecution, your life can turn into the worst nightmare in a matter of weeks. Surely, many of those arrested on suspicion of committing a crime will jump at any opportunity to end this terrifying, stressful, and confusing experience. In most cases, accepting a plea agreement is the only way to put a […]

You probably know from Hollywood movies that you have a right to remain silent when contacted by the police, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (FBI), Immigration & Customs Enforcement and other law enforcement officials, units and agencies. But how true is that when (a) you are being under arrest on suspicion of […]

Rapper Chris Brown is no stranger to accusations of violent crime against women and it has now been alleged that he and friend committed horrific sexual assaults on a young woman at his Los Angeles home on February 23 and the early hours of February 24, 2018. A lawsuit filed on Wednesday May 9 states […]

Being arrested for a crime is always a traumatizing and frustrating experience, which is why many arrested people wish to be released on bail to spend at least a short period of time with their family and prepare a strong criminal defense case as they await trial. But bail is not always an option if […]

As you have surely heard on the news already, the infamous Golden State Killer has recently been arrested after law enforcement officials spent some 40 years hunting for him. 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. was apprehended at his Citrus Heights home on Tuesday April 24, after he was finally identified through a genealogy website. While […]