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What Can A Criminal Defense Attorney Do That I Can’t?

Okabe & Haushalter Jul 28, 2018 Criminal Defense

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Some of those mistakes are more serious than others. Maybe you committed a crime that led to a charge. If this is the case you will not want to represent yourself in court. This is a big risk to take that could wind up leading to your loss of freedom and other rights. You should always fight a criminal charge with the help of a San Francisco criminal defense attorney. So, what can a criminal defense attorney do that you can’t? Let’s take a look at the answer in today’s post.

Negotiate a Plea Deal

Defense attorneys have worked with prosecutors in your area in the past. This makes it easier for them to speak with the prosecutor assigned to your case in an effort to negotiate a plea deal. The attorney might be able to have the charges reduced, which means you will face lighter penalties, or completely dropped. It can be difficult to negotiate on your own behalf with a prosecutor.

Offer an Honest Case Review

A defense attorney will be able to offer an honest case review. Now is not the time to hear what you want to hear about the case. This will only lead to disappointment. When an attorney reviews your case they will be able to look at the evidence, speak with witnesses, talk to experts, review your statement and more to then provide you with an honest assessment regarding what to expect.

Provide Legal Insight

Legal insight is an important part of the criminal defense process. An attorney will be able to provide insight into the law that you might not be able to see. That’s a big reason why you should refrain from representing yourself in such a case. An attorney knows what to look for in the law, including precedents set by other cases, to help fight the charges levied against you.

Navigate the Legal System Smoothly

The last thing you want to have happened when representing yourself in a criminal case is missing a deadline to file important paperwork or an appeal. An experienced criminal defense attorney in San Francisco has the ability to navigate the legal system smoothly for you. Along with filing deadlines, the lawyer will know the unwritten rules to follow when arguing the case in court.

Easily Gather Statements and Evidence

Since you will likely be sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial, it’s only smart for you to hire a criminal defense attorney. You won’t have the time needed to learn the law. You also won’t have time to gather statements and evidence to fight the charges against you. A lawyer will have a team working them to handle different aspects of the case, including opening an investigation into what happened regarding the crime you supposedly committed.

As you can see, the experience and knowledge of a San Francisco criminal defense attorney can work wonders for your case. Contact the trusted team of Okabe & Haushalter in San Francisco today to schedule a consultation.