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Brentwood Sex Crime Lawyer

Sex crimes are a blanket term referring to a range of criminal charges involving sexual behavior at their core. Sexual battery, rape, and molestation are all considered sex crimes under the California Penal Code. Anyone living near the San Francisco Bay Area who is facing one of these charges or any other sex crimes charge should discuss their case with a sex crimes attorney.

Sexual battery charges

In Section 243.4 of the California Penal Code, sexual battery is described as being any form of non-consensual touching for the purposes of gratification or abuse that is sexual in nature, even if the alleged touching took place over the clothes. In some cases, a sexual battery may be considered a misdemeanor offense. In these instances, the penalties would not be as harsh as the penalties for a felony offense. Steep fines and jail time or prison incarceration are possible punishments for those who are convicted of sexual battery, and if the accused was the employee of the alleged victim those fines can be even higher than in other situations.

Rape charges

A separate part of the California Penal Code outlines the state laws pertaining to rape. In Section 261, rape is described as non-consensual intercourse, and the word “consent” is not necessarily cut-and-dried. For example, people with certain disabilities or disorders are considered incapable of granting consent, even if they have verbally expressed that they wanted to engage in a sex act. A rape charge can also be leveled against someone who is accused of using fraud to obtain sex from an alleged victim. Rape charges may also be faced if an alleged victim states that they were threatened with arrest or deportation if they did not comply with a sex act.

Sex offender registration laws

Anyone who is convicted of a sex crime in California may have to register as a sex offender. This entails the convicted party’s personal data—name, address, date of birth, photo, etc.—being made available to the public. A sex offender registry is lifelong and means having to inform employers, landlords, and even institutions of higher learning about one’s sex offender status as well as having that information made available to current and future neighbors. In some cases, although outright removal from the registry is not possible, a person can have their status altered to “undisclosed” after certain conditions are met. Contact the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter to learn more about becoming undisclosed on the sex offender registry.

You deserve an experienced lawyer on your side

Being charged with a crime does not have to destroy your life. Have you been accused of a sex crime in the Bay Area? If so, contact a sex crimes attorney in Brentwood by reaching out to Okabe and Haushalter. Our firm has defended numerous clients accused of these crimes, and we know how to get results. We specialize in criminal law and know how to set up a knockout defense so your side can be represented competently in a court of law. Contact us today for a case review at no cost to you.