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Brentwood White Collar Crime Attorney

Brentwood White Collar Crime Lawyer

“White collar crime” is a term that encompasses several different criminal offenses, many of which relate to money in some way. Forgery, fraud and embezzlement all fall under the umbrella of white collar crime, and the penalties for those convicted of these crimes range from steep fines to prison sentences. Often, the punishment for someone convicted of a white collar crime is proportional to the amount of money involved in the crime itself. People living in the Bay Area who are accused of committing one of these or similar crimes are encouraged to reach out to a white collar crime lawyer to learn more about their legal rights as a defendant.

Is “white collar crime” a misnomer?

Many people accused of so-called white collar crimes are lower- or middle-class individuals, sometimes driven by desperation. Often those charged with crimes like forgery or embezzlement are not the people at the top with C-level job titles, but people employed in clerical jobs or who perform administrative duties in a blue-collar work environment. When people think of white collar crime, they may associate the term with wealth and power, but often those accused of white collar crimes are people who are relatively low on the proverbial totem pole.

Your rights as a defendant charged with a white collar crime

Defendants are often villainized in the media as criminal monsters, but the truth is that people charged with crimes are still people. All people have a right under the law to have their side of the story be heard in the courtroom, including people accused of committing crimes. You have the right to due process under the law just like anyone else, and one effective way you can exercise that right is by retaining competent legal counsel to assist with your case.

How an aggressive defense attorney can help you

At Okabe and Haushalter, we believe an aggressive defense is the best way to approach pleading your case in a court of law. We are criminal law specialists, and we know from extensive experience what tactics work when arguing a case in front of a judge and jury. Don’t let white collar criminal charges wreck your life. Let us assist you with your case, and rest assured that you are working with the Bay Area’s best.

An experienced defense team is just a call or click away

Do you or someone you know need a white collar crime lawyer in Brentwood? Contact the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter to discuss your case. The skilled professionals at Okabe and Haushalter have years of criminal defense experience and a reputation for providing nothing less than courtroom excellence to their clients. We will use time-tested strategies to defend your case, which could lead to reduced charges and facing lesser penalties if convicted. Consultations are available at zero cost to you, so you have nothing to lose by giving us a call. You have the right to have a courtroom advocate on your side. Contact us today and let Okabe and Haushalter fight for you.