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Marina Del Rey Molestation Victim Representation Attorney

Marina Del Rey Molestation Victim Representation Lawyer

Surviving molestation can be a tremendously traumatizing experience, and the deleterious effects of the suffering you endured may linger for years after the abuse has come to an end. This can result in loss of wages, reduced quality of life, traumatic stress, and a stack of therapy bills. The attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter can help you if you need a molestation victim attorney in Marina Del Rey or anywhere else in Los Angeles county. You may be entitled to damages in the form of monetary compensation in a civil court case.

Differentiating between civil and criminal court cases

The goal of the criminal court is to establish who the guilty party that committed a crime is, and to penalize those persons with fines, imprisonment, or probation for the crimes they have committed. However, the civil court’s goal is to determine liable or negligent parties and to demand damages be paid out to those people who suffered due to that negligence or liability. who are entitled to them?

You have options as a victim

Molestation survivors can opt to pursue legal action with a civil suit whether or not they have opened or intend to open a criminal case against their abusers. In criminal court, your abuser would be charged under the California Penal Code (and possibly the United States Code if federal offenses were involved) and if a conviction was reached, your abuser would be assigned punishments in accordance with the sections of the law that were violated. In civil court, your abuser could be held accountable for the harm they caused you, and the court could compel them to pay damages. Damages are usually given in the form of a cash award, which is intended to help ease the financial strain you may be under due to lost wages and therapy bills.

How a civil attorney can help you in court

A skilled civil attorney can advocate for you in court, and can help the court establish the liability and negligence that led to and/or resulting from your abuse. At Okabe and Haushalter, we understand that each case is different, and we will assess the details specific to your case and customize a plan aimed at achieving results for you in the courtroom. We will fight to make your abuser be accountable for what they did to you, and will work hard to get you the maximum award.

Okabe and Haushalter can represent you in your civil case

Contact the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter if you need a molestation victim attorney in Marina Del Rey or elsewhere in the L.A. area. We can aid you in seeking civil action against your abuser so you can get justice in the courtroom. As a survivor, you may be qualified to receive financial compensation for the damages caused by your abuse. We offer free case assessments to all potential clients, so call or click now to learn more about how we can help you get the closure and peace of mind that you deserve.