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Pacific Palisades Civil Representation for Molestation Victims Attorney

Civil Representation for Molestation Victims Attorney in Pacific Palisades

Victims of molestation do not always wear scars on their bodies as a result of the crime committed against them, but all too often, there are psychological wounds leftover that may never heal. This can result in years, possibly even a lifetime, of therapy before being able to resume a normal, functional life after the crime. Being victimized is terrible, and knowing that someone else’s negligence paved the way for the crime to take place is even more awful. In these situations, filing a civil suit may be appropriate. If you have been victimized and reside in the L.A. area and you want to pursue a civil court case, contact the team at Okabe and Haushalter—the molestation victim attorneys in Pacific Palisades who will fight for your voice to be heard.

How a civil case is different from a criminal case

Even if the person who perpetrated the crime against you has already been sentenced in a criminal case, you can still pursue action in civil court. Criminal cases deal with specific crimes and punishments for those convicted of these crimes. Civil cases, however, deal with negligence and liability. A person whose molester has already been put behind bars can still pursue a civil case if they believe a third party’s actions (or lack thereof) facilitated the molestation.

Examples of cases suitable for civil court

Sadly, there are all too many examples of molestation cases where pursuing action in civil court is appropriate. The key thing involved in each of them is third-party negligence. For example, if you were molested while attending school and you believe a school staff member knew about the crime that took place but failed to report it, the school and the staff member can be held liable in civil court for failing to report the crime. Similarly, if you suffered molestation while undergoing medical care at a hospital and you believe hospital staff knew but did nothing to halt the crime, the hospital and the applicable staff members could be considered negligent and thus, partially responsible for the crime perpetrated against you.

Hold negligent parties accountable in civil court

Justice does not stop outside of the criminal court. In civil court, you can hold negligent parties responsible and possibly even help prevent future victimization by doing so. If another person’s negligence allowed you to be victimized, speak to an attorney about your options under the law.

What to do if you think a third party was liable for your victimization

The team of legal experts at Okabe and Haushalter has some of the best molestation victim attorneys in Pacific Palisades, and they can help you fight for justice in civil court. You may be entitled to financial compensation from the party whose negligence led to your being victimized, so call today for a free case assessment. Our firm prides itself on showing its clients the meaning of courtroom excellence, so let us put our knowledge of the civil court system to work for you.