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Pacific Palisades White Collar Crime Attorney

Pacific Palisades White Collar Crime Lawyer

“White collar crime” is a blanket term used to define any number of criminal offenses, generally lacking in violence and motivated by monetary benefit. Embezzlement, racketeering, laundering money, and various forms of fraud are considered to be white collar crimes. Anyone residing in Los Angeles County who has been accused of committing a white collar crime is encouraged to reach out to a white collar crime attorney. The lawyers at Okabe and Haushalter can take on your case and help defend you against the charges you face in court.

What are white collar crimes?

The term “white collar crime” is used to differentiate these crimes from violent crimes or malicious crimes like assault or harassment. These are generally money-related crimes where deception is used instead of force. Some common white collar crime charges include:

Penalties for white collar crimes in California

Even though most white collar crimes do not involve violence if you are convicted of one of these crimes in California you could face serious penalties. Many of these crimes may also be governed by federal laws, as the FBI is in charge of investigating larger-scale financial crimes. The punishments can include jail time, prison terms or fines, and usually, the penalty depends on two factors: the amount of money involved in the alleged crime and the number of victims affected by that crime. A person facing one charge of check fraud for 100 dollars, for example, likely faces a lesser penalty than a person facing hundreds of counts of identity theft determined to have been for the purpose of monetary gain. Similarly, being charged with racketeering to the tune of millions of dollars is more likely to result in a severe penalty than being charged with embezzling 300 dollars.

How a defense attorney can help you

No matter how serious the charges against you are, you can benefit from having a competent defense attorney at your side. A solid legal defense can help you get your charges and penalties reduced so you can move forward with your life. A criminal defense lawyer can offer you options you may not even have known were there. You have the right to a courtroom defense, and the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter can stand up for that right.

You have the right to legal defense counsel in court

Don’t let being charged with a crime put your life on hold. Contact a white collar crime attorney in Pacific Palisades for a free case evaluation today. The lawyers at Okabe and Haushalter have years of experience handling white collar crime cases in a court of law. We have a reputation as some of the most aggressive and effective criminal defense attorneys in the greater Los Angeles area, and we can fight for your rights in the courtroom. Call today to find out how we can help you with your case.