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Santa Monica White Collar Crime Attorney

Santa Monica White Collar Crime Lawyer

Being charged with a criminal offense can come as a shock, and the impact it has on your life can be devastating. So-called white collar crimes may not be violent offenses, but the California Penal Code has strict laws against these offenses—and strict penalties—for those who are convicted of them. If you have been accused of committing a white collar crime in the Los Angeles area, we urge you to reach out to a white collar crime defense lawyer. The criminal defense experts at Okabe and Haushalter are just a call or a click away.

What a white collar crime is

White collar crimes are crimes typically committed without any overt acts of violence and in the pursuit of some type of financial gain. Check fraud, insurance fraud, racketeering, insider trading and embezzlement are all examples of white collar crimes. These crimes are differentiated from so-called blue collar crimes (such as distribution of controlled substances or shoplifting offenses) in that they usually involve some form of deceit. For example, someone committing bank fraud might pose as a bank on the internet in order to obtain money, thus deceiving their targets into providing them with financial gain.

How these crimes are defined by state law

Because white collar crime is an umbrella term for several separate charges, they are all governed by different sections of the California Penal Code. However, one thing that many of these charges have in common is how they are punished under state law. Regardless of the actual charge itself, most white collar crimes are penalized as forms of theft. A person convicted of large-scale insider trading may be punished as if they had committed grand theft since the money involved in the crime totaled more than 950 dollars. On the other hand, a person convicted of small-scale embezzlement (totaling less than 950 dollars) may be punished in accordance with the laws governing petit theft.

What a defense lawyer can do to help

A competent defense lawyer can advocate for you in court, working to prove your innocence or negotiating a plea agreement so your charges and penalties are reduced. A criminal defense attorney will stand by you in court, keeping you informed of the legal process every step of the way and working together with you to get the best outcome possible under the circumstances. Being charged with a crime is a difficult situation to be in, but the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter can help ease the blow when it is time to head to the courtroom.

Okabe and Haushalter can fight for you in court

These crimes, although nonviolent in nature, can come with serious penalties if you are convicted of them. That’s why you need a strong advocate who will stand up for you in the courtroom. When you are ready to speak to a white collar crime defense lawyer in Santa Monica, the attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter can assist you. We offer case evaluations at no cost to you, so contact today to find out more about how we can fight the charges against you in court.