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El Segundo School Academic Issue Attorney

School Academic Issue Attorney

When your child is relying on their grades to get them onto the football team, into their college of choice, or otherwise enabling them to follow their dream, an unfair grade or accusation of cheating or plagiarism can be devastating. Academic issues can have an impact across the rest of your child’s life if left unchecked, but a skilled El Segundo school academic issues attorney could swiftly put a stop to the problem. At Okabe & Haushalter, we firmly believe that your child’s school has a duty to treat every student fairly and honestly, and should not tolerate false accusations. Whatever form your academic issue takes, our experienced lawyers are here to secure the outcome you desire.

What Kind of Cases Can an El Segundo Academic Issue Attorney Handle?

There are many potential issues that could be classified as academic issues, forming the basis for a lawsuit handled by one of our outstanding El Segundo attorneys. Many of the clients who approach us seeking this type of representation outline a scenario which broadly belongs to one of the following categories:

Accusation of Plagiarism/Cheating – If your child has been wrongfully accused of plagiarism or another form of cheating, an El Segundo academic issue attorney could ensure their name is cleared, and their grades are restored accordingly. Some of the specific accusations we have handled have included asking another student to complete an online test, paying another student to take a written exam, or submitted a paper written by somebody else.

Academic Issues Due to Sports – High school sports stars must maintain a certain grade average to be permitted to keep their place on the team. However, if your child is struggling to balance academics with sports, due to the school’s failure to accommodate timetabling clashes or similar problems, we could use our legal knowledge and expertise to ensure their education, and future, are not adversely affected by poor administration.

Unfair Grades – Generally falling into the category of teacher misconduct, but also a form of an academic issue, school politics, and other factors can mean that some students have their grades unfairly deflated. Okabe & Haushalter attorneys firmly believe this is unacceptable and will strive to hold the teacher, and the school, accountable for their actions.

Potential Academic Dismissal – If your child is being threatened with dismissal from school due to their academic performance, a skilled attorney may prove that the school is at fault for not providing the support required, or following associated procedures.

An expert attorney from Okabe & Haushalter will work tirelessly to secure the outcome which is in your child’s best interests, protecting their right to an education.

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Every child in the United States has the right to an education, and we believe that they should also have the right to be treated fairly, and supported accordingly while receiving this education. If your child’s school has failed them, leading to any of the potential academic issues, an outstanding El Segundo attorney could be your key to getting your child’s education back on track.

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